Wednesday, April 23, 2008

11 months

Apparently my posts are "likeable" as are most of your's according to some brazilian person. I guess that is good, sort of, if they weren't trying to sell something off of my blog. I guess we will get to that later.

Well yesterday we reached our 11 month birthday. No huge events happend this month unlike other months, where she sat up, got teeth, or learned to crawl. She did however learn to get out of her bumbo that is in the wagon. I guess that is a big event. We also went to Hendersonville to meet OG (my mom) for lunch and for her to buy BellaRose some birthday gifts. Thank you so much Mom, we love them all. I have also weaned Sweet Girl. I was only on one feeding in the morning, and today we cut that out and gave her cows milk. I am sure this might be controversial to some people. This whole weaning thing can be complicated, but I went with my pediatrician, and she loves the milk so I guess we are all good. We will see if I am "all good" in a couple of days.

I will be leaving my sweet little baby on Friday for a long weekend to Chicago. I am so thrilled to go to Chicago and hang with one of my good friends Newell, but I am also very nervous to leave BellaRose. I have only left her once before for a real quick trip to Atl. I know she will be in good hands with Worth, T-love, and Big Poppa, but oh how this Mother's heart might ache! Speaking of a Mother's heart I went back and read some of my hormone fueled old posts of when we first brought BellaRose home and I was so concerned about time passing and me not embracing every moment. I have learned that I do cherish every moment and each day has gotten better and better. As BellaRose interacts with me more and her personality keeps coming out, it Just Gets Better! It is so hard for me to believe that a year as almost past (and you better believe I have already starting thinking about that posting). One year of being a parent to Sweetie Baby. What an honor. This little girl is SO COOL!

Just to show you how cool she is, click on this picture to the right and make it larger. Look at her face. How funny is that?! I believe she is really learning to ham it up for the camera now. Of course a camera has been in her face for the last 11 months. I am pretty sure she thinks it just might be a family member!
Well I will be back next week, hopefully with lots of pictures to show you of Chi-town (as some people call it).
Would you mind helping me with one question though, is today Wednesday or Thursday? If it is Thursday then boy do I have some laundry to do for my trip!


Heidi and Richard King said...

That face is GREAT!

Jessica, Myron and Rylie said...

That picture is hilarious. Is she saying "CHEEEESE" Rylie might have taught her that! hahaha

A mothers heart ache...I hear ya sister. sweet girl will be fine and so ecited to see you when you get back....I have learned through experiance! hahaha

And whats up with that Brazilian chick. I erased her. huh!

I am wearing your clothes today.....again......thank you ever so much!

sunday said...

oh good! what are you wearing? i will get more from becky to send you. have you worn the jeans yet?

Jimmy said...

Don't say you're going thru Detroit to get to Chiago. I'll get worked up if you are and not stopping to help with our garden.

If you get the chance try the Russian Tea room for lunch.

Chiago a train ride away and almost my favorite big city.

Don't we all love the expressions on kids. I find myself watching them more and more as I travel around. My Rose got me back to that, then yours and Kates keep me there, thanks

vern said...

1. it's wednesday
2. bellarose-what a hilarious face for an 11 month old-i laughed out loud when i opened the picture
3. when you are finished w/ your yard would you mind coming to landscape ours-we are perhaps the most unmotivated when it comes to the yard (a mowing is about all it gets).

looks like you guys are great. have a good trip.

Anonymous said...

What a great face!! So funny indeed. I love it!

Have fun in Chicago! I can imagine the heart ache in living BellaRose.. so I'll be praying for it to go smoothly for both of you!

What is the Brazillian chick thing?

Just April... said...

That face is absolutely hysterical, and it makes it even better than you are oblivious and unaware in the background with the gardening. It's like her little show for one and what a sweet and goofy moment! When you refer to your mom as OG, what does that stand for? Have fun in the windy city! (They do call Chicago that, too, right?) :)

Lauren and Will said...

Ahhh! That makes my day! She is too funny!

sunday said...

Jim~ I won't be in detroit. My layover is in ATL. Darn it!
April~ My mom wanted to be called OG, Old Granny. I know I know, a little strange, but that is what she wanted!

jenniferperry said...

BellaRose is too sweet- I can only hope baby William will be funny like that- I had a dream last night that all he did was cry :-( and he was three- the crying just never stopped from when he was born- strange. Anyway, seeing all of your yard pics is sort-of starting to motivate me, but lucky for me it will be raining all weekend, so i can put it off a while longer :-)

the brown's said...

BR is precious!! your yard looks beautiful...

...and i am glad that i am not the only blog with strange brazilian comments. it kind of creeped me out at first, until i did a little research on light emitting diodes...and realized that, yes, they were advertising on OUR personal blogs. then i was just irritated!! ;)

love your blog...happy 11 months BellaRose!!

KatieKate said...

Hey, Doll :) Love the wagon photo!!!

I gave Rylie cow's milk at 11 months, too. No biggee... and good for you for keeping your pediatrician in the loop.

Have fun on your trip!!! I'll wave at you from here- I bet you'll be able to see me across the Lake from Navy Pier.

LisserCoates said...

I LOVE that picture!!!

Becky Swann said...

Jessica I have sunday's clothes all bagged up, it was a cleansing thing for me to embrace where I'm at (which is kind of with nothing to wear) but good bye maternity clothes!!
Sunday this is a good post for me to read I am knee deep in emotions but encouraged to hang on it's so weird that it can be sooo good and soo hard at the same time!

Rebecca said...

I love reading your blog! She is so beautiful ! Congrats Sunday! I still remember when you were my camp counselor all those years ago!

Anonymous said...

The Girl is a r-i-o-t!! So fun to see her change from week to week... thanks for sharing. And blown away by your Green Thumb! Can't wait to hear all about your Chi-Town, and loved that you called it that. Obviously you were in good hands! (Was mortified by how much I loved it. Southern Guilt at work, I'm convinced.) Hope your trip was fantastic.

Cassidy said...


Wow!! She is getting so big-- i absolutly love my cousin to death. Ya'll will have to come and visit us soon.. we miss you.

Keep in touch..

Kristin said...

Hi Sunday...It's Kristin (Heffner) Smith. How are you? I LOVE your blog and how uplifting it is. And I love seeing pics of BellaRose. She is absolutely precious and very lucky to have you and Worth as parents. I wanted to get in touch with you because I am having a celebration at my house for Amy Lowrance's grad school graduation I think Memorial Day weekend. The plans are still in the works but it would be awesome if you guys could come with the other Asheville crew. My email is Lets catch up!!! XOXO