Wednesday, April 16, 2008


As promised here is a picture of BellaRose, Will, and Rylie in her wagon heading over to Becky's house. I would almost do anything to claim that I took this picture, but I did not, and I probably would not do anything to have taken this, but it is pretty awesome. Melissa took this image, dang it! Come on, how cute are these babies!
Speaking of babies, we have recently added to this baby clan (as you may have heard) with Ellen's arrival. I could not be more excited for Becky and Jeremiah. It really takes me back to that time when we first brought BellaRose home and how hard, and wonderful that was all at the same time. It goes so quickly and now here Sweetie Baby is almost a year old! She gets cooler and cooler everyday. I feel so honored to be her mother and to see her grow and change daily.

You want to know what else will be growing soon? Our garden! I have a feeling this last cold will be the end, but I am not willing to risk it just yet. Worth heads to the beach this weekend and then I go to Chicago (yeah Newell!!) the next, so after that the garden goes in! We are talking, corn, pumpkins, soy beans, tomatoes, basil, squash, a summer cornicopia of goodness if you will. But first let me tell you about my phlox. I just love this stuff. In the summer it is not as pretty, but come March when you are just so stinking over the cold, her comes these little buds of purple peaking through all the brown and it just makes me want to go put on a sundress!
Please go find some phlox and roll around in it because it is just so lucsious.


Jessica, Myron and Rylie said...

Those are definatly some cutie babies!!!

LisserCoates said... posted my picture, how sweet. I am nowhere as good as you though. I am so happy you are getting to work in the garden. It makes me want to see a garden inspired cake. mmmmmmm yummmmmy

KatieKate said...

aww. So stinkin' cute. Will's got some great Prom Date Potential sittin' in that wagon there!

I need to hear more about your garden planning... I'm ordering our seeds and flowers this week.

CortneyTree said...


I love phlox too! This is the best time of year, when it just looks like purple and pink waterfalls. The previous owners of our house were not at all interested in landscaping, so I'm pretty much starting from scratch over here, but I'm thinking lots and lots of phlox is in order!

So, soybeans--what do you do with 'em once you grow 'em? Is it like, and edamame field, or do you do something else with them?

sunday said...

Cortney you are exactly right, edamame!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, did you say you were coming to CHICAGO? I'm an hour away- call if you get the urge- 815.721.4923 (not that you'll have down time, just if you want to... you know what I mean! Cool if you do, cool if you don't. I'll shut up now. ha). xo Burs

Dan, Annie, Will and Mocha said...

So jealous you are going to Chicago without me, maybe I'll get over it enough to hear about your trip, but I'm not sure.
That picture is awesome, lisser is good.
Ellen could fit in there, squished beside Bella Rose in her chair maybe.
It's weird to think about Becky walking to her house with us being pregnant still, my how things change so fast.