Monday, June 16, 2008

2 post in one

Get ready, this could be a long one!
Let's start our journey off at Folly Beach where we joined my sister, Angela, and her family at the beach house they rented. My dad and Charlotte also joined us. We were there for the first part of the week until Wednesday. Now as much as Worth and I love to take pictures, we did not take a ton while there. I guess it is just too much to lug our big ole camera down to the beach and have to worry about sand getting in it, while trying to make sure our 1 year old does not drown. I guess you could say we have our priorities in line. Pat on the back for us. Bean loved the beach! She would crawl like a crab everywhere, not sure if she just likes how crabs crawl or if the sand hurt her knees. I imagine it was a combination of the two. Taylor, our niece, just adores BellaRose and was such a huge help. She would hold her and help feed her and most importantly entertain her! Rocco loves her too, but maybe not in the same way as Taylor, although I did see him showing her off to his friend. Here are just a few pictures from Folly.
Now we will move our adventure up the coast an hour to Litchfield Beach, where we took NOT ONE picture, but had fun none the less. Here we met up with Worth's parents and his sister and her family. We actually spent most of our time at the pool and the "lazy river" that they had at the condo. BellaRose sat in her cool raft leaning back sucking her thumb. She already knows all about the good life. We just went round and round in that river for what seemed like hours soaking in the sun. What more could you ask for on a vacation. Thank you to all participating parties. You sure do know how to make a vacation real nice!

I kept asking Rocco if I could have his eye lashes and he told me no. He said if he gave them to me then he would look like a girl. Where is the justice in this!


Worth, Uncle Ben, Neighbor Bill, Little Bean, and myself headed to The Land of Our Youth (or just where we went to college), or as some call it The High Country, to one of Worth's favorite rope swings, Upper Creek Falls , for Father's day. This was My Man's day and we wanted to do just what he wanted, although it lacked fried chicken, which was indeed a request, it did not lack in fun or sun! This was BellaRose's 2ND trip to Upper Creek Falls, though I don't think that she remembers the 1st being she was about 6 weeks old and slept the whole time. We were concerned that she would not like the cold water, but she did not seem to care. What is it about little kids and cold water? It's like they don't know it is cold. All they see is water and want to play! She sure did love seeing her daddy do gainers and Uncle Ben do cannon balls off the rope swing.

And speaking of Daddy's, BellaRose and I would like to publicly tell everyone just how important and wonderful Worth is. He goes to work everyday, and does manual back breaking labor, just so I have the honor of staying home with BellaRose. He has to miss out on trips to the pool and only hear stories and see pictures of the amazing things that BellaRose does everyday. We could not be more thankful for this man who fills us with so much love and wisdom on a daily basis. This is no easy job being a parent and I could never in any of my wildest dreams picked a man more suitable for me to help do this job!
I would also like to thank my dad and Worth's dad for all the love and support that they provide us. We are so thankful for you as well and are so happy that we got to hang out with both of you the week before Father's day. What a special treat!

Now back to the adventure, well really the end of the adventure, b/c as you can see all these adventure makes one very tired. Thanks for sticking this one out, if you did. It is good to be back.


Jessica, Myron and Rylie said...

Look at her sucking her thumb!!!! I love it! What a sweet pea.

LisserCoates said...

You take such great pictures. I just realized you and BellaRose have the same eyes in that one it. Glad you guys had a great trip.

CortneyTree said...

Yay, glad you're back! I'm totally jealous of all your fun in the sun--I have my fingers crossed that Matt and I will get a vacation at *some* point this summer ;) Looks like you had a fantastic trip and a great Father's Day!

KatieKate said...

You do take ridiculously good photographs. It makes your blog super super fun, because so much of the story is told in the faces of your photos. Nice job... and so glad you had a good time!

JTP said...

bella Rose's hair is a riot in the top picture- LOVE it! What a sweet father's day post! Worth is lucky to have someone who wants to stay at home and does such a good job with sweet BR- you two make a great team :-) Miss you!!!!

Adam and Annie said...

Oh, makes me miss Boone... Looks like a great day to me! Happy Father's Day Word! Adam wants to know if there was surfing involved at the beach.

Becky Swann said...

Looks like so much fun! I'm glad BellaRose is enjoying her floaty!
Happy Dad's day to Worth

Dan, Annie, Will and Mocha said...

O what a good post, I was sad to see it end.
Good good stuff, that little thing has really been an amazing blessing to you guys, it's hard to think of you without her now.
I love what you say about Worth, a good reminder of being thankful to me too, I always forget it's such a priviledge to be able to stay at home with will.
So glad you are back safe from all trips.

Kristin said...

that makes me miss the mountains so much! fathers day looks awesome and so does your beach trip. great pics sunday!

Walker James Kirkland said...

What great pictures, Dom! I'm so glad y'all had a great trip!! :)

Just April... said...

This was such a fun post to read, Sunday! Super photos and such a love for your family! Little BellaRose and papa Worth are blessed to have YOU, too! Glad things are going well!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you had a good time at the beach.. and that BellaRose liked the sand! I'm amazed at how continually out going she is.. but I knew it's cause she has such wondeful out going parents!

Tops to Worth and all those daddies out there who do what Worth does for us ladies (well not me yet..) it's amazing how God continues to bless us with amazing men!

Jason and Jennifer Haynes said...

Can I just say that the second pic of BellaRose (the far left one of her with her face off centered to the far right) is incredible! It makes me melt...I just want to scoop her right out of that picture!

I'm glad you guys had such fun on your adventure extravaganza!!! Yes, you do have a great man (and wonderful daddy) in Worth! ...and I have to say he has a great blessing in you too!

I'm so so so glad and blessed that I got to stay with and hangout with you while I was there! You mean so much to me! Thank you for the incredible blessing of your friendship! I hope you know how much I love and appreciate you! ...and how much I can't get enough of your cuteness of all cuteness,'s official, she has stolen my heart!