Tuesday, August 12, 2008

On the go

We have been on the go for the past couple of weeks, Atlanta, Concord, birthday parties....etc, etc. We are sticking around these mountains for the next couple of weeks until our final summer vacation to the Outer Banks. We can hardly wait! We were in Concord last week for a couple of days hanging with Worth's family. Worth and Ben wanted to go to the Whitewater Center while we were there, so we left BellaRose with T-love and Big Poppa and loaded the kayaks on the roof of the car and headed for Charlotte. This place is really cool, it is basically a man-made river that has 2 loops and a conveyor belt that takes you back to the beginning. It was disgustingly hot outside, the kind of heat where you just pour sweat even when you are just sitting there, but I did still manage to have fun taking pictures of the brothers and their river adventure. The whitewater center is also very interesting for its night life as well. We were sitting there having some beverages eating some food and people of an "older" age started coming in all dressed up ready to meet people. If you are interested in doing come people watching this is the place to do it, you have your people there all dirty from being in the river and riding bikes and then the Charlotte nightlife people. I can honestly say I have never seen anything like it!

Product Endorsement of the week is The FURminator. This dog brush is INSANE! We have the full range of dog hair over here at the Grant Household. Atticus, the husky, has the thickest fur and is forever shedding his 8 layers of fur. Rainy, the lab, has the short fur who is also forever shedding and this brush works on both of them! I am telling you, if you have a dog and it sheds you have to get this brush. You can find it on amazon way cheaper then in the pet store, although we bought ours in the pet store. You can even borrow ours to test it out!

Pet Peeve of the week is computers! First of all our computer is the slowest thing on earth it might as well be a dinosaur. We are debating on what kind of computer to get next. I want a Mac, Worth is up in the air but sees that Macs cost way more. I would love to hear what you have to say. I hear a refurbished Mac is the way to go. So onto the real pet peeve, I like this blog and I LOVE designing it most of all. I want my pictures to be straight and somewhat follow a format. I want you to know what you are going to get here, and for me that means organized pretty pictures. Well I was on my in laws computer and they have a much larger screen then we have here at home, well my pictures looked all spaced out and not at all pretty like I want. Now how frustrating is that for all us OCD people and our blogs! I hear that is why Jen won't ever blog, a big A-HEM here as she needs to just go ahead and blog already!

Okay so that is my rant for today, go and buy a FURminator and tell me about computers, that is your homework.


Becky Swann said...

Look at that little Marilyn Monroe showing off her diaper! What a cool picture
I will definitely look into the fuminator
I like hearing the "rough drafts" for you blogs on our walks, yet still really enjoy reading about it the next day!

Jessica, Myron and Rylie said...

Sorry I know nothing about computer excepts that Mac's do seem really cool!

I love that picture of BR!!! Oh my word so cute!

Kristin said...

Sunday why didn't you tell me you guys were at the WWC?!! My house is like 15 minutes from there and I would have come to say hello. Oh well, next time.
What are your dates for the OBX? We will be there Aug 30 - Sept 6. We stay in Avon.
I have a friend who bought a refurbished MAC and loves it. She says you get the same warranty as if you buy it brand new. I've been shopping for a MAC too and Ben, like Worth, isn't stoked on the price. If we get one it will be the MAC Book but I haven't checked out the refurbished deals yet. You should have someone clean up your current computer to speed it up. We just did that...it cost $150 and it moves at lightening speed now. We had many viruses from 3 years of use and didn't even realize it.

Jimmy said...

You and Worth should decide what you want most to do with your PC. MACs usually have better graphics, educational, medical stuff and security is somewhat better. But "PC" accept more business software, gaming etc. Refurb is ok, I have a Dell refurb. Look into Dell as well they sell those PCs coming off lease. I have two PCs, my daughter has two MACs we argue all the time about which is best. I agree with Kristin run a virus check using all of these programs MS Defender, Spybot and Adware. Should help clean up your system.

Too make you jealous; (unless something go wrong) Kate, Curt and Rylie will be visiting us up north this weekend.

sunday said...

Jim~ i am SO jealous about curt, katie, and rylie coming. how much fun is that. thanks for the computer info!

Kristin~ i should have called you when we were there, what a bummer. i was not sure how close you were to it. but we will be in OBX on those same exact dates!!!!! how much fun is that. i will have to look and see where avon is.

Julie said...

I noticed that too when I checked my blog at my parents house one time. All of that arranging to get my pictures at least in decent spacing for nothing!

Your pictures are always spaced and layout nicely on my computer's view.

Anonymous said...

I'm heard of a Whitewater center thing before yet never been.. but it sounds really cool.

Dito on Becky's comment about Marilyn Monroe! Very cute picture!

Computer wise.. I hear Macs are awesome yet, I've never had one.. and it's seems scarey to me to switch over.. but I hear they are really good for photos and videos etc.

LisserCoates said...

We love the WWC, you can also rent Mountain Bikes and ride a bunch of trails they have up there.

Bella looks like a little Marlon Monroe...cuteness. Also, I agree with your computer choice. My next computer will be an Apple...its the future. Their photoshop is mind blowing.

Kristin said...

oh that is great news! i had a feeling you would be there over labor day too. jennifer, bobby and baby wynnie will be with us sat. - wed. too. ben and worth should definitely go to the skatepark together. avon is south...closer to cape hatteras. where will you guys be?

sunday said...

kristin! that would be so much fun to see each other, worth says we are about 30 minutes away from each other! how cool is that. worth will be hitting up the skateparks for sure. i would love to meet wynnie!

Dan, Annie, Will and Mocha said...

We always wondered about the charlotte thing. I love some people watching sounds like I'd like it.
Did Worth and Ben think it was good for boating?
I love bR's swoop of hair on her head, makes me swoon.
I want a mac too, the refurbished sounds like the way to go, price and all.
Hmmmmmm? the dogbrush, I will have to try your's. Nothing can take this amount of hair away, not that I've seen, but if your dogs can be helped then so can mine.
can't wait to see you all again.

JTP said...

1) I love the picture of Bella Rose 2) The whitewater center sounds pretty cool and 3) I can't even figure out how to line three photos across and give them captions so you are WAY ahead of me- your blog always looks great, what are you talking about silly!

Heidi and Richard King said...

What fun. Is that like kayaking in the city? Urban kayaking I guess with a lift even. Bella Rose is a little bombshell isn't she. Oh, I am sure Worth loves to hear that already! You guys have been busy fitting a lot of living into this summer. I think it is great...and all the while your veggies (even an early pumpkin) look amazing. We really need to hang out more when things settle down!

Clem said...

Hey Dominiqua it's your old drinking buddy! Just thought I'd say hey and give you a shout out!

melc said...

I get a little backwards after all this drinking