Thursday, October 09, 2008


The dirty Thirty Birthday is quickly approaching for me, and people continue to ask me how I feel about this.  For starters there is nothing that I can do about this as I have not been able to do anything about the age I am turning ever and secondly I just love birthdays way too much to be worried about the age.  That all being said there are times when I realize that I have been out of college for 7 years already and that my home of Atlanta has become a far distant past.  I have not lived there in 11 years!  Where has this time gone, where have those days of no responsibility gone?  Time has quickly flown by, but that is all okay because if I worry about the past and where it has gone then I miss the present and the wonderful age that BellaRose is right now, and the great place we live, and I miss out on the adventures and moments of my little family of three.  I still feel like I am in college and maybe it is because we still hang out with all our college buddies.   And isn't 30 the new 20 or whatever "they" are saying now, anyway?  So I will embrace these last few days of being in my 20's and look forward to my 30's and maybe wear just a little more sunscreen and use undereye cream at night.

I was a little hesitant to put this bed on the blog.  I have not shown Worth yet, he knows about it, but I wanted to show him the finished product before I showed him the "before picture".  But ladies and gentlemen this is BellaRose's future Big Girl bed.  I had asked Annie for help in finding a bed for BellaRose, one that looks similar to her crib that I adore and one that was rod iron.  I have, of course, found a bed on Land of Nod and Pottery Barn for a small fortune.  I knew Annie would be just the person for me because she is a digger and finder of treasures where I am just a finder of garbage and useless items.  I need things to be beautifully laid out for me where Annie can find the beauty in something buried behind old rusty windows and the likes.  She found this wonderful bed for me and gave me the vision that I need.  This bed will be sand blasted, then bronzed, then painted white, and finally antiqued.  This is a bed made for BellaRose (and in the 1800's to boot).  As Annie says, it is precious, and it really is!

Local Plug~ Growing Young Cafe, this little Kid Friendly Coffee Shop is owned by my friend Tonya.  She has put so much love and passion into this wonderful little place and the word must get out so it will succeed!  Please go visit her, even if you just want stop in and check it out and perhaps buy a coffee and a sweet treat.  BellaRose and I went there yesterday and had a wonderful time.  I got to drink my coffee while BellaRose played with all the toys that are washed daily!  Tonya also told me about a very useful website for us Mommas that live here, it is called Kid Friendly Asheville and will now be a link on my blog.  

Well I do believe this is enough for today, there will be many more fun filled post to come, because as we know this is a rocking month with loads to do!


KatieKate said...

The beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed. Oh, we love the bed. WE LOVE THE BED. It's perfect.

And you're perfect. Thirty and beyond :)

CortneyTree said...

That bed is fantastic, I love a good salvage!

And, truly, 30 is no big deal. A million great things happened to me my 30th year, and a million more since turning 31. It's all what you make of it ;)

Anonymous said...

I definitely think your approach to turning 30 is great.. it really isn't a big deal.. and heck any reason to celebrate birthdays who cares the age.. it's just a celebration!!

The bed beautiful.. What a great find!! I am like you in all I find is garbage.. way to go ANNIE!! And Tonya's place sounds really cool! It's so amazing to see her dreams come to life!!

Anonymous said...

oh.. and how did you do that 4 picture thing of you and your dad! That's cool!!

Julie said...

I LOVE that bed too. It is going to be so awesome and special.

Good outlook on turning thirty. A birthday is just a wonderful chance to have a party!

I am definitely going to check out that cafe. What a great idea!

JTP said...

thirty is a fun birthday- embrace it!!! I love the bed- who may I ask will be refinishing it? you??? i love it!

Becky Swann said...

LOVE the bed! You were absolutely right to let Annie help you with finding it! She is so good at that! I am so in love with that, where did she go? The tobacco barn? I love how you said it was made for BellaRose!
I just went to Growing Young cafe this morning! So cool, I highly reccomend it as well, I'm going to paint her some fat little birdies too!

Kristin said...

Sunday I LOVE the bed. What an awesome find. Can't wait to see the finished product.
And I see that you are taking advantage of the photo feature of your new MAC. Do you love it? I hope to get one soon too but all the baby stuff we need to buy may push this purchase back a bit.
And Happy early 30th. I feel no different at 30 than I did at 28 and the fact that a man told me he thought I was 16 the other day makes me happy to almost be 31 (especially with this big tummy I have). You are aging VERY well too my dear and definitely make it into the "super hot 30 year olds club."

sunday said...

Thank you all for your sweet compliments! They really do mean a lot. Becky the bed is from Reunions here in Black Mountain. Annie had put Carolyn on the look out for the bed and happened to have this one there.
JT, Annie and I will be doing all the work but the sand blasting (right Annie!!!).

Heidi and Richard King said...

Well, I believe your 30's are going to be great and you will be great and graceful at every age.

Oh my...the bed. The crazy thing is that about 6 months ago I just about bought this same bed from Reunions (still sitting in the same exact spot) for my sleeping porch. I just loved this bed and needed a reason to buy it. Well, somehow I must have known that it would get much more love and have a much more meaningful life with as sad as I am to have passed that up 6 months ago, I know now that it was to fulfill it's intended purpose. It must be destiny! It will be beautiful!
Anyways...I just went to Growing Young Cafe and it is great. The kids had much fun dressing up and playing! Nice work Tonya!

Kid Friendly Asheville said...

Hi!! Thanks for visiting Kid Friendly Asheville. I have only had it running for one month but have great hopes for it.

I love Growing Young Cafe. Tonya had me out a few weeks ago and it is such a great place!!!!!

Thanks for mentioning KFA!!!
Michelle :)

Dan, Annie, Will and Mocha said...

I guess I'll join the love bandwagon here. i'm late so I have nothing new and innovative to say. So.....I love you, you almost 30 year old. I can't wait for the 22nd, because then you will be sooo much more mature and maybe you can tell us what good under eye cream you've found.
i love the bed, isn't that funny that Heidi almost bought that bed. She said it had been hidden back there. All the good treasures are. can't wait for little refurbishing project together.

Adam and Annie said...

BR was in my dream last night and she was talking full sentences. It was weird!

Jessica, Myron and Rylie said...

finally i am able to check your blog and use my one armed typing skills again1! I love the bed!!! so fabulous

30 is wonderful...nothing to worry about I was excited about it myself!