Sunday, December 21, 2008

Still Skating

photo by Trent
location: no name skatepark
city: greenville, sc


Becky Swann said...

Hey skater!
thats all I got

Niki said...

I feel like he fell off his skateboard the second after this picture was taken. That is some amazing balance for such an old guy. :) Just kidding Worth. I'm old too and I'm still skating! Keep it up!

Jim said...

I bet he is fun to watch.

Kristin said...

Nice! Ben loves that park and goes there at least once a month. Tell us next time Worth goes and Ben can meet him.

KatieKate said...

LOVE it.

Courtney said...

Sunday, who knew your husband was so darn talented!! I've always been impressed with his ability to skate!

JTP said... worth going to grow his hair into a floppy and get an arm cast???? how fun! i can't show chad- he'll want to go when we're in g-vegas

Annie Singletary said...

this is amazing to us.
very impressive for an old guy. no really, skateboarding baffles, not exactly sure how people do it.

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