Thursday, January 15, 2009

34 years in the making

My man has graced this earth for 34 years today!  He has been my other for 9 years.  BellaRose's dad for almost 20 months (what!!).  I have already told you he is the love of my life, and that I am more complete with him, yada yada.  I don't meant to down play that but you know all this.  Let me think of things that you don't know about.  What are some things that might totally shock you if you knew them about him?
1. He used to break dance, and supposedly was REALLY good, but in all 9 years I have never seen him do it
2. He bawled his eyes out at his sister's wedding
3. He likes to make up songs about B-Rose and sing them to her
4.  He gets compared to Robert Redford and Owen Wilson ALL.THE.TIME
5.  His heart melts for BellaRose
6. He told me he loved me for the 1st time the day he asked me to be his wife
7. I think he secretly does love Atticus
8.  He Loves Van Halen
9.  He plays the drums, the banjo, and guitar and likes to sing Avett Brothers with his brother
10. He checked the blog this morning to see if I had written a post about him yet
10.  He is a lot more gentle then he lets people believe, he has a heart of gold, and is loyal to his family.

I love you dear man!


Becky Swann said...

Just in case he checks this to see if anyone has commented yet I want to be the first! Happy birthday Worth! Sounds like you have a great guy there Sunday, ( But I already suspected as much) I am really curious about this break dancing! PS can I please join the grant brothers band!

Byerly said...

Happy Birthday Worth!

Julie said...

aw, such a sweet post. I am curious about the break dancing too. I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE ton see this, but I would settle for hearing him and his brother play and sing.
Happy Birthday Worth! If you had a facebook, I would post an obnoxious some ecard on your wall!

Courtney said...

Happy Birthday Worth!!

Sunday, I loved all the little factos about Worth..

Niki said...

Happy Birthday Big guy.

I have to say that I laughed out loud several times while reading this post. It is so funny and so very sweet. Hope you guys have an awesome day together.

Also, I've actually heard him compared to Robert Redford (by someone that lives with me that doesn't want to come across as gay.)

sunday said...

niki, i will admit that i laughed out loud a couple of times at your comment, especially the gay comment :)

Kristin said...

I love this post. Happy Birthday to Worth! Many of your comments made me laugh out loud and also brought tears to my eyes (Ok i realize this may not be saying a lot when I am 35 weeks preggo) but you were so very sweet and I loved it.
Please tell Worth that Ben and I wish him a wonderful 34th!

KatieKate said...

Hello? BReakdancing? Bring on the video. There can be no claims of breakdancing ability without proof.

Happy Birthday, Worth!

Jim said...

Happy Happy a little late...Worth do you give lessons? Must see Vid.

The Colorado Carrs said...

Happy BIrthday WOrth!!!!!!

Adam and Annie said...

Happy Birthday old man. I have another fact! Worth is a hippie at heart. He loves hemp necklaces and patchwork. Just kidding. One thing he is though is a good friend, especially to my husband. We love you Worth. (I save that for special occasions, I guess this is one of them).

Heidi and Richard King said...

So sweet and amazing! Happy Birthday, Worth! I have to say I cracked up most at Niki's comment and I hope Nick snoops on the blog and sees that...funny! Worth you are a great man.

Just April... said...

I love this post and your sincere admiration and thankfulness for Worth. You are a great couple and it's so nice to read a wife's thoughts about her other half. I DEFINITELY see Robert Redford in him! :) Happy Birthday, Mr. Grant.

Trent Michael Korstange said...
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