Friday, February 26, 2010

Momma Love

Hollings' due date was yesterday and she is 13 days old today. I think if I blink BellaRose will be in college tomorrow. Our girls are bringing us such joy! We adore these precious bundles of joys!
We are still just absorbing the time with BellaRose and Hollings. The weather is forcing us to stay inside for the most part. The cabin fever does set in but the visits from friends and family have really made it wonderful. I have loved this winter with all the snow, but I have to say now I am looking forward to warmer weather and not having to bundle the girls up to go outside. I guess having a newborn has changed my perspective on the weather a little bit and also having the ability to walk and actually breath!! I am ready to get outside now.
So here is a picture of Hollings in her crib for the 1st time. I just put her in there yesterday to "see" her mobile and check out the surroundings. The quilt my Aunt Carol had made and JT monogrammed for me. It is gorgeous. She also had a little blanket made for BellaRose's baby doll and a stroller blanket. Beautiful!

Blue eyes? Green eyes? Brown eyes?
Who knows, they all run in the family.

Momma does exist. Here is some momma love for you.
Goodness these girls are just precious.


KatieKate said...

suuuuuuuuuuuuuuch a magazine layout

Love you guys...
we are ready to get outside, too. I know how you feel :) Rest up.

Love the photos.

Niki said...

I LOVE these pictures of you with your girls! And the crib picture too. Isn't it sweet to see them so tiny in the crib?
It was so good to see you guys the other day! Thanks for letting us come play.

Jessica said...

I wonder if she will have your dark hair and Worth' big blues! I never would have guessed Wyatt would have deep brown eyes and I oh so love them!

way to make the best of thw weather. your a trooper!!

Courtney said...

love the pic of you three.. just makes you smile at how sweet those are!

JTP said...

oh I love it!!! It looks so peaceful... The quilt is amazing!!!! Your aunt did such a nice job! I was ultra impressed!

Kristin said...

Are you kidding me with that last picture. That is the sweetest, most precious and beautiful thing I've seen in a long time. Love love love it.

Becky Swann said...

You are wise to enjoy this time as a family, so many other times our busy lives catch up with us and having a newborn sort of makes things slow down a little. What fun to be able to cuddle with both your little sweeties, You seem like you are just so full of love and it is so fun to watch!

Margo said...

I think you know how much I LOVE these pictures. They are just precious, just like those 2 sweet girls.

Adam and Annie said...

Sun, that first picture with your eyes closed on BR totally made me tear up! The black and white one is just beautiful. I'm so glad I got to see momma and her girls finally. The amount of beauty in your family is just not fair to the rest of the world.