Thursday, May 13, 2010

Roses in my life

When we had BellaRose (almost 3 years ago, goodness!), we got Rose bushes to celebrate her birth as gifts. They have really taken off and this rose bush below sits under BellaRose's window and is about 3 feet tall now. It is gorgeous and beautiful just like the Roses in my life, my Grandma and BellaRose. Last summer I boutht 3 more roses and this summer they are blooming and they are tremendous!
This is one of them. I had no idea what to expect this year from these roses. I did not know what color they were or really even what kind. I am so excited these are blooming now for so many reasons, in honor of my grandma who I miss more and more every day. She is in my heart and now when I see these roses I can be reminded of her beauty and sweetness.
As these roses grow and bloom so does our sweet B-Rosey. She is really becoming her own spirited person. As I nurture these Roses I am reminded of BellaRose's 3 years on this earth and how I need to nurture her and not squelch her 3 year old spirit. Words are powerful and can hurt her tender heart. Worth and I have an amazing opportunity to watch these two little girls grow into beautiful women. I am terrified of time. These 3 years have flown by and when I sit and hold Hollings I try desperately to remember what BellaRose was like and that memory of them is fleeting. I sort of got sad today when I realized today was Thursday, how did this week go by so fast, how is Hollings is already 3 months old, how is BellaRose already 3!
WOW! I did not mean to get so sentimental, but I guess when you stop and smell the Roses that happens.


Becky Swann said...

Oh you have inspired me to go get a Rose bush! they are so beautiful
I know you are missing your Grandma! I would love to just walk and hear stories about her anytime you want! I wish I could have known her, everything you say she sounds so wonderful, I am glad I know you and your little gals though! Love you all!!!

Courtney said...

The rose bush is beautiful! Are they knockout roses? We are about to be full on shurb digging in our yard and we are planning on getting some knockouts, so i was just curious.
Yours are very beautiful.. just like your Grandma, girls.. and you! You have such a wonderful sweet spirit too.. it's were your girls get it from, so naturally passed down from generation to generation!

Kristin said...

Oh Sunday that was so sweet and I love all the sentiment. You have brought me to tears a lot lately! -but honestly it doesn't take much. :) We were just admiring the tree we planted when Buxton was born yesterday too. It's so nice to take some time to appreciate the little things.

Niki said...

Those roses are so beautiful! I love your wisdom about the power of our words, too. It is so incredible to think of the huge responsibility and gifts our children are. I also definitely need the reminder (pretty much always) to enjoy each moment I've been given. So thanks, Sunday, I'm really glad I read your blog today!

MC and Brian Phillips said...

Sunday, such a sweet post. I'm inspired to plant a rose garden- yours are gorgeous! And I know these precious times are fleeting. It's good to be reminded to stop and smell the roses...every time you announce Hollings's age I realize Harper will be there in two weeks and never can believe it!

Annie Singletary said...

beautiful. i love your thoughts on your roses, all of them.
i just found out about knockout roses too.
apparently they are impossible to kill and bush-like instead of like normal ones.
you've got great color from them this year, that takes some love and care, remember how Dot used to tend her roses so much, she was in the rose club and maybe even still is. you should join her. you need something else on your plate.

Margo said...

what a sweet post Sun. Those roses are amazing just like your grandma and BR. You are such a good gardener, momma, and friend. Love you!!!