Tuesday, September 21, 2010

2nd 1st day of school

As promised here are BellaRose's pictures from her 2nd 1st day of school. She LOVES school and could not wait. Of course we started off the day with pancakes, a staple around here!

The dog is still an important part of BellaRose's life, ever since her 1st day of school last year. Doggy made his appearance again this year, but has not been back and she put him away right when she got there!

You all remember BellaRose in that outfit that Hollings is wearing?
One of my favorites.

On the way to school and on the front steps of school!

I love everything about this picture. In particular,the face Will is making, I am pretty sure Annie makes that face quite often! Annie will be having baby boy #2 any day now.
I am ready and waiting for the call!

Next up another update on that Hollings. Girl is just motoring around here and clapping away.
Just so sweet!


KatieKate said...

Ok- that picture of Annie and Will KILLS me.

Happy Preschool, Pretty Girl! You look stunning in your chucks!

LisserCoates said...

Look its me...checking the blogs.

She looks so cute in her little outfit! Miss Holling's is getting big so fast.

Annie and will crack me up...

Byerly said...

Will is awesome! -- BellaRose is just beautiful, and I can't believe how big Hollings is getting. Where does the time go?

Margo said...

BellaRose looks sooo grown up and gorgeous!! Love the picture of BR and Hollings, they are almost making the same face :)

Becky Swann said...

You want to know what I think?
BellaRose looks just like you
and Will looks just like Annie
that is what I think

Heidi King said...

Ah, just love these pics...love you all...and knowing that one more addition, Jack, is on his way as we speak!

Just April... said...

Your girls are just too pretty, I can't handle it! :) I also really like BR's white Puma hoodie. Do they make those for grownups?