Friday, November 12, 2010

max patch 2010

I am falling so behind on my blog! That just means that life is full which is awesome. We did get to have a family outing to Max Patch a couple of weekends ago and it was perfect. BellaRose walked all the way to the top by herself, of course she had a little help from Rainy. Yes our dogs finally made it into the outside world and got a field trip too. They used to go everywhere with us and now they are lucky to make it on a handful of adventures a year.

Hollings made it to the top too!

Worth spending some quality time with his dog.

Testing out oranges.

This was pretty funny although is looks pretty sad for BellaRose! She would get upset when Rainy would wonder too far from her. This particular time BellaRose was holding Rainy's leash and Rainy dragged her down. Rosey was sad.

Family picture attempts.
You can't see the one we are using though!

These pictures are just funny. This was Hollings' turn to cry, they generally take turns crying but if you are lucky they will both scream together in unison. It is awesome. BellaRose wanted to be carried down so Worth put her on his shoulders, but then she also wanted to hold the leash, that darn leash again! So my next post is going to involve a dead animal, not ours, one Worth killed, a deer. So just be ready. I thought it would be nice of me to give you some warning!

Hiking just wore her out!

The End


JTP said...

so fun!!! i love those pictures :-)

Becky Swann said...

Love that place
I would go there more if I could remember how! :)
Great pictures

Byerly said...

Gorgeous Family! -- love, love the pic of worth, the two girls, the leash, and the dog:o)

KatieKate said...

That pic of BR- the close up with her in the right corner... that couldbe a Columbia ad! You should send it in.

This whole thing made me laugh. Really hard. But only because I uncderstand. I totally understand.

Kristin said...

Your pics are always awesome but something about these seems magical. What is different? Was the lighting up there just so perfect? Is it LR3? I just LOVE these Sunday. Really really love them. Shame on you for waiting 2 weeks to share, but I'm happy that life is so full. The Worth and Rainey pic actually got me choked up, and I rarely get choked up about pets any more.
Oh and yes, I meant Asheboro. Thanks for the correction!

Jessica said...

It just made my heart so happy to see your family. I cant believe how big your family has grown....

Julie said...

coolest pictures ever.

Heidi King said...

Beautiful pictures...and I love the last one to wrap up the day. You guys are awesome...all of ya.

Courtney said...

Sunday, your family is just so picture perfect! All of these photos just make me wish I could be hanging out at Max Patch in the sun too! Love the family photo attemtp. :)

Margo said...

Love some Max Patch. We've gotta get Beckett up there, he would LOVE it. Really great pictures and that one picture of it is perfect! What a little model:)Miss you 4!