Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Blog love

Wow I have not posted in awhile. I mean I posted last week but that was only to make an announcement and no pictures. This is going to be some sad news for you, but I have not taken ANY pictures of my family for like a week now! That is horrible. I will make amends.
Hollings did have her one year doctor's appt. She is 18lbs and 29 inches. She is almost right on track with where Rosey was at one. My little peanuts!
The pictures below are the leg kicks and fist pumps that I did not send in to Today's Letters. I still think that they are pretty darn cute though. It was fun watching Will and BellaRose goof around. You can read more about what leg kicks and fist pumps are on Today's Letters blog, it is also just a great read and an encouragement to any marriage. Since I am spreading the blog love I thought I would mention a few more. Have you checked out Style Nook lately? Margaret is one of my besties and has insane style sense and on her blog she spreads the style love! Check it. Also a blog that has totally inspired me lately is Going Home to Roost. I discovered this blog a couple of years ago but am rediscovering it again. You have to check out her NC home make over. You will want to gut your house and start all over. I have just one more shout out for you and that is for my friend Seth's band Called Floating Action. His new album release is called Desert Etiquette and I have been listening to it non-stop. It is also getting amazing reviews from magazines.


Margaret said...

Oh my goodness Sunday!! Thank you so much!! I am truly flattered. I love the blogs you posted. Thank you for sharing the love! Sweet little Hollings :). We miss you guys! Beckett talks about Rose and Honk ;) every night before bed!

Byerly said...

:o) Sweet pics of those sweet kids!

Becky Swann said...

Blog love, much better than blog vomit:)
still think that is just so cool about that picture on Today's letters!