Friday, December 01, 2006

This is Dude

Dude is not from the Big Lebowski, but the horse I ride for this lady in Weverville. He has blue eyes, as all the men in my life do (Atticus and Worth). He is a thoroughbred/ quarter horse. He is about 16 hands 16.1. For those who don't know what that means, it means he is tall. He is a good horse and it allows me to ride which is nice, but I can't ride until June as being pregnant and horse back riding are not condusive. As snowboarding and pregnant don't go together either. Both make me sad since I won't be able to partake in it until next season/summer. It is worth it right? Of course it is, and then I will be able to teach the bambino both loves of mine!!! Have a great weekend. I will be back Monday with many pictures of joyful Christmas trees!


Shanna, Adam and Gracen said...

so much good stuff in weaverville!! good luck finding the perfect tree. that's going to be my goal for sunday, if the husband is willing. i almost got one the other day, but decided it might be nice of me to include the whole family. have a fabulous weekend!!!

sunday said...

you should see this farm in weaverville. it is unreal. it is off of reems creek about 60 acres. it is like an oasis for horses and only 2 live there. good luck to you as well finding the perfect tree. i know i will drive worth crazy trying to find the exact one. poor guy has to follow me everywhere while i look.

Jessica and Myron Carr said...

We got our tree today. We went fake. Its nice but not a real one. I just worry this child will have Myrons allergies and its hard enough to deal with one snorer inthe house!! Have fun.