Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Sweet BellaRose!!!!!!!

Here are a ton more pictures sorry I didn't post sooner I have been at the hospital all day I just could not get enough. BellaRose is just perfect! Worth and Sunday could not be happier.
You can just see how much this mother and daughter love eachother.Aunt Angela is sooo happy to have a sweet new niece!! (Sunday has a ton more pictures of BellaRose with Worth's family and her Mom and Sister and her kids who I didn't get to see since I was there a day later that she promised to post when she gets home so check in later for those.)

Niki and BellaRose already BFF!

Don't you just want to kiss this precious little face!
Roses for BellaRose from Worth's Parents who just adore their new grandaughter.

I pulled up her sleeve to see these sweet tiny little delicate.
She is really good at sleeping
and posing, she is such a little beauty!
Oh Rylie Jayne BellaRose got the balloons you sent she can't wait to meet you too!

Here I am just so happy to be holding this beautiful child. She really is sooooo beautiful just like her Mommy! And tan too!!!
Angela and I made her look like a little Eskimo.
Sleepy sleep.

Good thing my flash didn't wake her up!

Sunday is such a wonderful mom. I am soooo proud of her.
She loves her Mommy sooooooo much


This is trying to wake her up to feed is hard because the girl loves some sleep, she has come such a long way to get here she seems pretty wiped out.

She has such a sweet squeaky little cry, she kinda squeaks like Sunday! It's amazing.
Thank you God for BellaRose. Thank you for bringing such joy and love into the lives of those that meet her. Thank you for Sunday and Worth and their new little family!!!


Jessica, Myron and Rylie said...

oh my...that sooo rought tears to my eyes. So very sweet. Look at her cheeks and her chin! Adorable. She looks like she knows exactly where to rest her head under Sunday's chin. Oh My I cant take it! What a purty little lady, just like her mama.

Thanks Becky I cant wait to see more!

Jessica, Myron and Rylie said...

I am going to look at them again...

LisserCoates said...

What great pictures! Sunday you look so natural with her...

BacShortly said...

So neat, so happy for you guys Sunday - as I have relayed many times, I had said the word 'love' many times, BUT now I think you have truly found out what 'LOVE' means and feels like, it is warm. Congradulations, and welcome to the 'hood' (parenthood).

Anonymous said...

What a doll ! We are so excited she is finally here.
Lock the doors ! turn the phone off & take some time :)

Mrs Haynie

Jessica, Myron and Rylie said...



That is from RYlie she typed it herself. Its secert code only the girls know!

Heidi said...

Well...she is beautiful. This is such a special time and so fleeting so take some time to breathe...and soak it all in. We love you!

Anonymous said...

Oh, she is so beautiful. I can not wait to meet her and visit with you...please let me know if you need anything! Kim

Courtney said...

She is so beautiful.. and look at Mommy Sunday!! You look great too girl! My eyes are teary I'm so happy! I wish I lived there so I could see her in person!! Can't wait til end of June so I can hug her and squeeze her and love on her!! = )