Friday, October 05, 2007!

so i thought i would do a little bit of comparing. you know see who this baby really looks like. most people say me, i don't see it. some people say worth i see it a little, especially in her expressions.

here we have some pictures of Worth and me when we were younger. look at that wild man swinging from a vine, and look at sweet little Sunday being all girly with her untied bow. Let me just make this little point, those ARE my real curls. Why, now, do i have stick straight hair I wonder to myself. what in the world will B-Rose be like, will she swing from vines, ride horses, or do something that Worth and I have never thought about. the options are endless.

now all i am going to do with these two images is just let you look at them and see where BellaRose gets a very cute feature of hers. this is my dad when he was a little boy, and of course this is our Sweetie baby. when i saw the picture of my dad on my sister's fridge all i could say was "OH.MY.WORD, that is where she got her......." you fill in the blank!
I love you Dad :)
i really just wanted an excuse to play with our new scanner. pretty cool. you better watch out we might be showing some more blasts from the past now!


Jessica, Myron and Rylie said...


I totally think she looks like you. its the eyes. That one picture from the beach was the first time I really saw Worth.

Love the scanner cant wait to see more old photos!!

Becky and Jeremiah Swann said...

Oh man! she does look like your dad in just that one way or two cute little ways:)

KatieKate said...

oh man. Can I PLEASE have that shirt your dad is wearing in the photo? PLEASE.

And, dude...BRose totally looks like Worth! And I don't even know the kid!

MC and Brian Phillips said...

The EARS! ....right? I'm I the only one who filled in the blank here? I see it....yep. I sure do. SO CuTE!

As far as you and Worth, I think BellaRose looks a LOT like you, but I see the expressions you're talking about and their similarity to Worth's.