Tuesday, October 09, 2007

a visit

We had a visit from Will yesterday. I babysat him while Annie went to the dentist's office. The first three pictures sums it up. It was so funny! Will was pretty much a blur with BellaRose watching in awe at this older boy.
Sidenote- that blur in this picture is Will!

Then Will got his football and was trying to show BellaRose how good he was at throwing it.

He was so good that he hit BellaRose on the head with it, thus causing this face so nap time was in order.

Presently my precious sweet child is screaming her beautiful head off right now in her room. We are working on one hour and twelve minutes of this. She also did this in the middle of the night for close to an hour. 'Why is she so upset" you ask me, well my dear reader we are weaning from the swaddle. Yes we swaddle! We have loved it, it has worked, but now it is not so we are stopping. We sadly came to this conclusion at 1 and 2 in the morning. Finally resulting in a reswaddle and feeding. We decided that the middle of the night was not the proper time to wean her from this. You see she falls asleep so fast being swaddled, but then kicks out of it and gets upset. So we are at a loss. What do we do? My only solution is for her to learn to go to sleep on her own. She is not happy about this. This is very hard listening to her scream. It makes me antsy, and I start to wonder around the house, I swiffer, and see some bread so I make toast, then I see the swiffer that I left so I go back to that and forget about the toast. Yes you see how this is going, endless projects left undone as my baby is in her crib becoming undone. I hear silence, what a sweet noise, but then my heart crashes to the floor as the sobs start once again. I know she will not remember this by this afternoon or even by tomorrow, but right now it is the hardest thing we have done all day!
One hour twenty minutes.
One hour twenty eight minutes, a long period of silence. I dare not walk by her room because the floor cracks and this will surely wake her from her restless slumber. I guess I am confined to the back rooms without by book. Whatever it takes!


Jessica, Myron and Rylie said...

your doing great. Rylie kicked out of her swaddle to and we finally gave up. of course her pacy is her sleep soother....that will be fun one day huh!!

keep it up your a great mama!!

KatieKate said...

We didn't swaddle...so maybe this is dumb, but can you put velcro on the side? Some swaddlers have a velcro closure to keep them tight all night long. Of course, she's prolly getting to strong for that.

That first picture is hilarious!

Jessica, Myron and Rylie said...

Rylie was actually able to get out of those too it was hilarious! one arm here one leg there!

sunday said...

well the thing is we are trying to wean her from the swaddle. right now i finally have her asleep and i swaddled all but one arm. we will go limb by limb.

Anonymous said...

Oh Sunday.. I know it can be hard to listen you your baby crying.. but you are doing an excellent job.. and in the end once she has learned to go to sleep on her own, it will be so wonderful! I'll be praying for you and Worth since i know it is difficult to hear since you so badly want to swaddle her!

Sounded like fun with Will too.. the boys are already making her cry! = ( She's too young to start that already!

the brown's said...

hi sunday. i'm taylor. i'm one of Annie's friends from growing up...from Atlanta. i think we probably met a few times and i remember your name a lot. when we were pregnant, Annie told me that you and i were due at similar times and i started following your blog then. your words have so much relevance to our lives right now! we have a little girl, Dylan, who will be 6 months on the 23rd. she is amazing and i have loved being a mama SOO much more than i could have eve imagined. i understand everything you say here on your blog...i love it! Bella Rose is so beautiful...precious! i am with you on the screaming...it is no doubt the hardest part of parenting...at least to this point...to listen to that precious little one crying in bed. and man, they are good at putting up a hard, long fight! but i know they just have to get through it sometimes. oh, but i hate. i also give myself chores to do around the house, trying to distract myself! and the bangs you mentioned a couple posts ago...i also, about 4 weeks, got scissor happy and decided to go for some bangs. the first few days were a shock, but now i embrace them! :) at least it spiced up my straight-as-a-board hair a little bit! but i think yours are super cute!

well, just wanted to say "hey" since i check in on your blog a lot! hope ya'll have a great afternoon...

...also...we still swaddle Dylan...maybe you are wanting it gone all together, which i totally understand. we started by swaddling arms and all...then went to arms out of the swaddle. so we still use a swaddle blanket, but leave her arms out. i like them b/c i know they are secure, but don't want her to be too dependent on that tight swaddle feeling. Kiddopotamus makes them in larger sizes that have worked well for us.

Becky and Jeremiah Swann said...

Will and BellaRose are the best baby couple ever!

Walker James Kirkland said...

I was saying "I know exactly what you're going through!" when I was reading your post. We call Walker 'Houdini' these days because he loves getting an arm or a leg out. I am so proud of you for pushing through this morning---sounds like you're doing great! One nap at a time, right?! :) Look forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks so we can catch up for real!

Shanna, Adam and Gracen said...

we didn't swaddle for too long either, as g was a wonderful escape artist, and it made her very mad to be so restricted. sorry you're having to go through the cries. it'll pay off in the long run when you have a child that will fall asleep easily on her own. you're teaching her a valuable skill, even though she doesn't seem to be appreciating it. bust out the iPod and stay strong!!

sunday said...

yes, the ipod of course!

The VanderPloeg's said...

You are great Sunday. You are doing the best thing by teaching your daughter to fall asleep by herself.

I have honestly thought about duck taping Rory in her swaddle...but thought it'd be best not to! wink. wink.

Dan, Annie, Will, Sadie and Mocha said...

My how much I've missed. I love the pics of Will and she, shows how really wiggly he is and how calm and pensive she is.
Nothing to say about the swaddle, accept that you are a great mom and she's a great baby. Whatever your decision today, tom. is a new day. That always helped me with everything.
O, and I love Bella Rose and so does Will.