Tuesday, November 13, 2007


so this is how it is going to work, my friends. i have been "tagged" by katie. this means that i have to write 10 random things about me and then, in turn "tag" some other people for them to do the same, and they "tag" someone else. do you get it? i did not at first, but now i do. sort of like those e-mail forwards where we have to answer the questions like... hugs or kisses? depends on who is giving them. pink or red? really neither. okay so here we go 10 random things about me that you may know you may not.

1. while driving i count horse strides in between light post
2. i was not real excited about being a mom when i got pregnant, but now i can't imagine it any other way!
3. i was a real big worrier when i was little, but now i surpress it, not very well at times. the other night i woke up worrying i was going to die.
4. i hate touching feet, especially when they have socks on them.
5. i love being copied, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery
6. i always knew Worth and i would get married, even when he was telling me we weren't
7. i took flute in 2nd and 3rd grade and only learned one note the entire time, ONE NOTE!
8. i am 1/2 irish too
9. i always have to enter and exit the same door at the grocery store and i always have to go to the produce section first even when i don't need produce
10. i used to listen to jazz flavors everynight while growing up in ATL, it helped put me to sleep
okay so those are 10 very random facts about me, now i must "tag" some folks and i believe it will be the Atlanta crew. you can play if you would like, it would be oh so fun if you did, if not it is cool and we can talk about it later :). i tag Missy because she has a "spirited" baby too, Rebecca because she loves High School Musical and she bought Emerson UGGS, Catherine because she is pregnant with a girl! and had 2 little boys already, and finally Erin because she told her husband she did not want and iPhone when he offered to get her one (what?!)

as i was saying earlier. BellaRose is now getting teeth! she has 2 so far. they are there and they are sharp! i don't have any pictures of them yet b/c she is not ready to show them to the world. when she is i will be sure to share them with you.
here is our new table!!! i LOVE it. it took some convincing, but i love it! it is counter height, extra workspace (that was one of my selling points to the husband). this is also our christmas present from worth's parents. i believe that furniture is the theme this year for christmas, and getting your presents early. my mom bought us a beautiful chair, which i need to get a picture of, for Christmas. we may have no presents to open under the tree, but we sure will be sitting on some nice furniture looking at the tree!


CortneyTree said...

I LOVE the new table--Matt and I need a dresser so far in this new house, but I really want a new table also--I might have to wait for my birthday on that one. And are those glittered babyfood jars with tea lights in them? And if so, how clever are you?!

sunday said...

good job cortney, that is exactly what they are!!!!! that is my current arts and crafts project for Christmas

LisserCoates said...

That table is great! JP and I are getting ready to paint the bedroom and get new furniture in there...i love shopping around for it

Jessica, Myron and Rylie said...

we too have a furniture theme this christmas, going to look this weekend actually!!!

KatieKate said...

oooh, I like that table TOO! I like that it's tall and I like that it's light wood with dark chairs. Nice job.

You counting horse strides... that's gonna make me giggle every time I pass lamp post now.

Becky and Jeremiah Swann said...

yeah you did one too, love the table, I want to come put on socks and touch you with my feet.

Jason and Jennifer Haynes said...

Yes, I agree with Katie, I love the horse strides fact and to show you how weird I am, I was wondering what kind of horse you pictured...mini, pony, standard or draft? (weird I know!)

I can't wait to see you! It has been too long. I promise when I come over I won't put my feet on your new table. That would be the worst - something you hate on something new that you love!

sunday said...

jen~ it ia always a thoughrobred or a warm blood

Jason and Jennifer Haynes said...

Whew! I would have been wondering that forever! That is such a fun fact to know about you!

Heidi and Richard King said...

Great table! I also love the facts about you...and it is good to know that you take it as a compliment when we copy you, because you know we always do. Who doesn't want to be like Sunday? Seriously!

Just April... said...

Great furniture, great blog! Always fun to see what is happening over at the Grant's!

Dan, Annie, Will and Mocha said...

hilarious. FLute? I never knew that about you. Horse strides, hope you take the big "spot", that's always so much more fun.
The table is awesome, that chair is awesome, you need to get that on here too.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful table Sunday! And I second Heidi.. who doesn't want to be like Sunday! She is so awesome! I am also glad you love being a mother because I do remember your struggle way before BellaRose.. and I knew you would be an incredible mom! YEAH!