Thursday, November 15, 2007


**this just in~ we are getting snow!**
we are having thanksgiving at our home this year! we are starting our own traditions. i could not be more thrilled. Worth and i usually travel for the holidays, taking turns in between his family and mine. last year while pregnant we said it would be the last year that we travel. we want BellaRose to be home for the holidays. i always loved being in my home for thanksgiving and Christmas. nothing like waking up Christmas morning and seperating your presents from your siblings and counting who got more (me :)). so we are hosting the thanksgiving festivities at our house for some folks on our new table. let the good times roll. i am meticulously planning the menu right now, getting my shopping list together. i shall start to cook this weekend. the first thing i will cook for our 1st thanksgiving at home is key lime pie. yes you read me correct, key lime pie. i told you we were starting our own traditions. i am sure the pilgrims in key west had key lime pie! so my question to you is, what will you be making for thanksgiving and what traditions do you enjoy? i want to know, maybe we will incorporate that into our families traditions!

and as promised here is my fabulous new chair given to us by my mother for Christmas. isn't it wonderful. you should come sit in it. you won't be disappointed! i am working toward getting that green bench/coffee table. my house is coming together. we are slowly but surely starting to not look like college students. not that there is anything wrong with looking like college students, one of the best times of my life!


Jessica, Myron and Rylie said...

mmmm I wish i could come!

I miss Thanksgiving at Grandma Haynie's. that was our tradition...guess its time to start our own as well!

Anonymous said...

Is it really snowing? I am so jealous! It is cold here, but just drizzle. I love that you are cooking Thanksgiving! It will be so fun!

CortneyTree said...

JEALOUS, again. I was jealous of Katie's skating, and now your snow. We will get nothing, as usual, over the mountain here in Knoxville. I guess I will just have to get over it :)

We'll be doing our traditional Thanksgiving on the road, but Matt and I get to host Christmas this year, and I am ecstatic. New traditions are awesome.

Jessica, Myron and Rylie said...

you lucky dog...getting snow!! i dreamt last nigt i copied your hair, brown, bangs, all of it!!!

i was hot needless to say

KatieKate said...

We got some flakes today, but nothing to speak of.

SUNDAY. Can I please have the new chair AND the blue bench in the photo. Thank you.

And traditions?
Green Bean bake (casserole)
dinner around 2 pm
Macy's Day parade on in the background
movies at night with leftovers

mmmm. My favorite day by far.

Becky and Jeremiah Swann said...

No way we got snow up here today too, we should have gotten together and made crafts on this snow day...oh wait...we did, everytime you find glitter think of your messy friend Becky.
My mom makes the best mashed potatoes,(I have the recipe) and my grandmother makes what we called pocketbook rolls. All of which I eat way to much of.

Anonymous said...

I think starting your own traditions is great Sunday! And Key lime pie is awesome! So make extra so i can have a piece since I'll be up! = )

My mom called me about the snow! I can't believe I'm not there lovin' it too!

See you next week!~

Heidi and Richard King said...

I loved the flurries too...I just wish it was more. Bring it on Old Man Winter...we are ready! Love the furniture and the precious pic of Bella Rose. Call me craft girls...I am always up for a little glitter and paint (or whatever it may be!).

Just April... said...

I can just tell your house is gorgeous, Sunday! You have such good taste! :) Enjoy Thanksgiving at your place! Hug that sweet baby for me!