Tuesday, February 26, 2008

MORE CAKE!!!!!!?????

Cake class was last night and we had to make clowns. Now I want you to know that I have no desire to make clowns out of striped icing, as odd as that may sound, but that was our assignment so I did as I was told. Clowns are pretty scary if you ask me, especially these plastic little numbers. We have to come to class with a cake iced, and then we decorate while we are there. You can see the different things we are learning, like the swirl flower, and The Wilton Rose. Last night was my first attempt at the rose. I think that you can tell it is a rose, can't you... please say yes, please say yes???? Next week is the finale to the classes so we will see what I come up with then.

We have been working on baby proofing the home as of late. I think that we are pretty well baby proofed, of course Will can come over and show us what else we need to do. He is good for a course in baby proofing! Look at Rainy behind BellaRosey, she looks VERY concerned now that there is a baby in motion.
Went to Greenville this past Saturday for a visit and Angela wanted me to get pictures of her kids hands and feet.
Well BellaRose and I have music class so I have to run. I will try to come back and update.


Becky Swann said...

Oh man that cake is AWESOME, I like that you wrote what up! very clowny, I'm sad I missed out on all the fun, but I bet people are relieved I didn't cough their clownheads right off their cakes.

Jessica, Myron and Rylie said...

It sure does look like a rose!!

I am glad I dont live to close I would be eating way to much cake!!!! (but thats the only reason)

Jimmy said...

I am an expert on Roses, so I can say yes they are the real deal. And the clowns are so cool.


Anonymous said...

The cake looks GREAT! I'm so very impressed with your cake decorating skills! And I can tell it's a rose! Very very nice.. I will also agree on the clowns.. they have always scared me too!

KatieKate said...

It DOES look like a rose! Nice job!

And I love the pics of kiddos toes... those are always so sweet.

Dan, Annie, Will and Mocha said...

Rose? I don't see a rose, just kidding, It's the prettiest rose I've ever seen, very impressive icing decor, can't wait to see this kids birthday cake.
The clowns are weird, but I guess good as clowns go.
Bella Rose is of course, PERFECT!
Rocco is so "pretty"
And your grandma is so beautiful.

CortneyTree said...

Sun, you are kicking butt on the cakes! I hated clowns too, but yeah, you have to learn 'em. The rose is spectacular--I was terrible at roses my first try, and my whole class was full of rose geniuses, but then later it just clicked and I got good at them--you already have me beat at your first time! And only another former Wilton student would even say this, but GREAT job on icing your cake smooth, it looks perfect!! Bella Rose and her friends are always going to have the best cakes :)