Thursday, February 28, 2008

This is how we found BellaRose the other day while she was supposed to be asleep for her nap. Like Matt said she was up reading. I guess she was wondering why her name was not spelled correct on her wall. I had to explain to her that we did it before we decided how we were going to spell her name at the hospital. She has also been trying like crazy to get to her mobile and finally succeded. Perseverance, my child.

Because of this latest development we had to do this, lower her crib mattress. She was helping out her dad. I think that she is going to be a good helper. I am still going to leave the mobile up and her bumper. I know it is against all baby rules, but I am just not ready to change her crib. Time can't be going this fast already. The mattress went down pretty far and until I really see her start to climb on the bumper, I am leaving it is. Please don't tell DSS!

I am married to a man who can do most things really well right away. You guys know this type of person right? You work months and years trying to do something perfect and then this guy comes in and does it right the very first time he tries. This is Worth. Like when he first learned how to snowboard that very day he was passing people that had been riding for years. He has this ability to do EVERYTHING perfect on the first try. Well I brought my "homework" from cake class home, we were to work on the Wilton rose I mentioned before. Worth read the directions in our course book and nailed the rose, first try. I will tell you that I was jealous, just a little bit. I mean really....... I am....... happy for the guy.

Apparently this is what Worth does all day at work. I had NO idea. You know, I mean I thought he was on roofs and things like this, but hanging out over the corner of a house while three guys are sitting on the other end of the board to hold him up, was not what I was thinking. He assured me he was harnessed in. I guess that is supposed to make me feel better, I think?

And in other un-related news, Worth and I are famous...... well sort Atlanta really.............well in the skateboard scene in Atlanta. Come on, that is famous for some people! You know how a while back Worth was on his gigantic skatepark tour and I was his photographer? Well I sent in one of his pictures I took and it made it to the home page of Brook Run Skatepark! Pretty cool huh? I even get photo credit for the image. So I guess it is not really famous, but it is something and it made both of us happy, so there you go!

**i am having a very hard time getting my pictures where i want them....very frustrating****


KatieKate said...

I think we are married to the same person. It really is so annoying, isn't it? I mean, is there ANYTHING they cannot do? Curt wants to sew, but I won't let him. He'd prolly end up on PRoject Runway or something.

And your child!!! So stinkin' cute. I cannot stand it.

Just April... said...

Very very fun blog! You have a fun life to read about, my dear. :) Clarify something for me - when you say your sweet baby's name is spelled wrong on the wall, is it because the letters are not hung all together as one word? Or is there a whole different letter in there that I missing? :)

sunday said...

you know i guess it is not spelled wrong, but more that it is not all one word with 2 caps.

Anonymous said...

Sunday, Paul is the exact same way and it drives me crazy sometimes.. I'm like "is there anything you can't do perfectly?!?" Not only can he do things perfectly but he's really smart on top of it.. so he knows everything too! Major annoying! But that's why we love them!

BellaRose is so cute! I just can't get over how much she is growing!

Jessica, Myron and Rylie said...

Is she SERIOUSLY that big already....oh my word!

Jimmy said...

Hey now I know Worth has to help judge. And you can't say you don't love it...right.

Niki said...

How unbelievable that Worth did that on the first try. That is so funny. He should have taken the class with us. Susie Michaels would love him.

I'm going to have to check out that website. Nice job Ms. Photographer.

Becky Swann said...

Niki I thought it was Susie Steinbrenner and Worth Wilton sitting in a tree.
I never realized Worth and I were BOTH perfect! It sure gets old doing everything so right all the time;)
I wish I could have been there when you caught BellaRose pretending to nap. She is wonderful those pictures are great you can see her personality in them.

Julie said...

Sunday, I tried to rsvp to your email address but it came back as failed mail. I am sure I must have made some mistake but don't feel like finding the invitation right now to figure it out. My sister, Amie, and I are coming to the shower on Saturday, but my mom will be out of town. So count us in please!

Sorry it was so late.

Can't wait to eat some of you gal's yummy cake!

Tripp & Jack said...

Wow Worth's rose looks unbelievable! I think I'd have to practice awhile to get to that level of rose-making. As for BR- I cannot believe she's standing up! The same exact thing happened with Tripp and I just walked in and started laughing. BR is really looking older now! She is precious. I hope to see her sometime in the near future!
As for me...I have a dr appt on Monday- ultrasound and then appt. I hope she's not too big because I'd like to keep her in there as long as possible although I'm already so uncomfortable and tired. I really don't want to be induced. I hope yall have a wonderful weekend- it's supposed to be in the 60's here tomorrow- first weekend not int he 20's/30's...woohoo!

Dan, Annie, Will and Mocha said...

How did I not see this post already, I'm really falling behind these days. So sorry. I'll be better next time.
A few things:
she looks like a little girl in these pictures, I'm glad she's still a little pea really though, I mean a big girl little pea.
And...great job lowering the mattress, that is a big change, especially for your back.
And...Worth......BE CAREFUL UP THERE! aren't so un perfect at things yourself there missy.
And.. Lastly...good story telling skills displayed here.
Reminds of the letter you used to write me way back when.
Love, camper Annie, hahaha

Julie said...

Annabelle spends a lot of time in my lap as I surf around reading other blogs. She just saw the pictures of BellaRose and said "baby" for the first time. BellaRose makes her chuckle!

You all did a great job with the shower. Sorry I made so many comments about the cakes, and then y'all didn't even make them. They were delicious none-the-less!