Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter, 10 months, and ........cake!

We celebrated (well we acknowledged) BellaRose's 10 month birthday on friday. She has been "out" as long as she has been "in". I think that she is getting a handle on this world as much as she can. Her latest accomplishments are saying "aahhh boo" as in peek-a-boo, crawling everywhere, pulling up on everything, making us laugh ALL the time, fighting naps, making us look at pictures of her while she is asleep and us saying "she's so cool!", and basically just being the sweetest thing ever.

We also got to celebrate a Easter brunch at Highland Lake Inn with my sisters, their families, and my Mom (thank you Mom!). It was so much fun. As you can tell the kids all had a blast. Look closely and you will see Taylor's head getting smashed on the ground as they all fall out of the hammock. See......FUN! Sweet Girl is not so sure she is ready to join in all this fun yet. This place we went was pretty cool, they had tukeys, and baby goats, and a jack russell that killed and ate a mole in front of us. So much to do.

As you all know this is B-Rose's first Easter. She loved her Easter basket even though there was not a whole lot in there that she could eat. She did try to eat the reeces egg with tin foil. I am not so sure how good that was. We tried to let her have a bite of her chocolate bunny, but I don't think that she liked it so much either. Oh well, I am sure that won't be a problem in a couple of years. Just look how cute she is in her Easter best!

And on to cake. Bill, our neighbor and good friend's birthday is this coming week. He loves chocolate, I mean really loves chocolate. I found this "Starry Night" chocolate truffle with chocolate glaze cake out of my Whimsical Bakehouse cookbook. I knew I had to make this cake for Bill. I made the stars and his name out of melted wafer chocolate, and put pearl dust on the chocolate to make it sparkle, of course! This cake was out of this world. I don't mean to brag, but this was seriously my best effort yet! Worth, the man who does not like cake, even said on several occassions that this cake was SO good.

Well I have to go, we are heading to ATL this week, and my baby refuses to nap today. She is in her room screaming standing up in her crib banging on the bars acting as if she is in prison. It really is doing wonders for my nerves..... no really!


CortneyTree said...

Seeing all the kiddos out in their Easter dresses and baskets really made me start thinking about introducing a little one to all my favorite Easter traditions...hmmmm...

Fantastic job on the cake! It looks AMAZING and I'm sure tasted even better! I'm asking for the Whimsical Bakehouse book for my Birthday since you've had some great successes with it!

Jessica, Myron and Rylie said...

Oh what a sweet sweet BellaRose!!! she looks like she is in all wonder!
Rylie did not get chocolate this easter because she likes it TO much. The easter bunny decided it was best to wait another year.The eggs were a complete hit though! haha

Love the cake!

Becky Swann said...

what cute easter pictures of Bella Rose! her little feeties in those tights! oh man!
when do you leave for ATL? I know you told me but I can't remember.
That cake is awesome!

KatieKate said...

Aw- I love the tights! We grew out of our tights and I didn't know it until Easter morning. Bah. Ankle socks for us instead.

And Rylie ate a Peep. She won't eat meat pr green beans, but she'll swallow a peep whole. *#$^(*@#$

Just April... said...

That cake is SOOO cool looking! Where do you buy that cool dust stuff? I wanna get some to play with - maybe make sparkly cupcakes! :)

sunday said...

April~ It is called Pearl Dust and you can get it at Michaels. You can paint it on with a paint brush. It is really fun!
Becky I leave today.

Anonymous said...

I love the cake! It looks really yummy!

Love BellaRose with her Easter basket!

Anonymous said...

BellaRose is so adorable, i absolutly love her. I hope to see you soon. I miss ya'll. :)

Dan, Annie, Will and Mocha said...

Love that Easter Bunny, she is the sweetest little bunny I've ever seen.
Precious little dress, your family is so beautiful, love seeing you all together like that.
Will is soooo jealous about the chocolate bunny, he's stomping on the ground right here beside me, I think he knows he missed out big time with his easter eggs full of
fruit sweetened gummies.
I can see him now wanting to always go to the Grants house to eat yummy cake and swing, etc. etc. "It's so much more fun than home mommy"
.....Oh dear.
Hope you have fun in Atlanta.

Julie said...

You are such a great mom to stay strong and teach BellaRose how to take a nap alone. Keep letting her know that you are in charge of naptime. That has always been a struggle of mine!

LisserCoates said...

yes!! I am coming over to see you and finially meet the little bella rose

CortneyTree said...

Hey Sun, no relevance at all to this post, but I remember you commenting elsewhere that you were looking for a Tutu for BellaRose, and today on this post
she mentioned a tutu and gave a website, and I thought of you!