Monday, March 31, 2008

Oh Atlanta.......I hear you calling

BellaRose and I were in the homeland last week and boy did we have some adventures. The schedule was jammed packed and this baby was a super star. No fleeing Atlanta in the middle of the night this time! We kept her up way past her bedtime, I stayed up way past my bedtime and not much crying from either of us :)!
We went to the zoo on Wednesday. I don't think that B-Rose was very interested in the animals but she sure loved the kids flying all around her. My friend Erin and her son Walker meet us there. She was such a good sport about it too because we had a crew with us.
Below is the a picture of one of the gorillas. They are my favorite to see. They are just like people, it is so amazing. My dad asked a good question, if we came from gorillas why are gorillas still gorillas? Hhhhhmmmmm good question! I wish good ole
Willie B was still alive but he has past on to greener zoos in the sky. The panda is the baby panda that you might have heard about. He was the size of a stick of butter when he was born (talk about easy labor), but now he is close to 100lbs. He was SO cute!

Uncle Tom and Aunt Carol stopped by for a visit on their way home to Memphis. It was so wonderful to see them even if it was such a short visit. BellaRose managed to slopper banana (see story below), strawberries, and bread all over Aunt Carol.
We also got some good quality time with Grandma. Of course that time is never long enough either. Grandma just loves babies, and especially ones that are named after her! Grandma will be 94 in August. Can you believe that?
So I was bold in a parking lot again. You know those annoying people in the grocery store parking lots that feel they can leave their cart where ever they please (sorry if you are one)? Well I have just about had enough of them. I am tired of taking their carts and putting them away. I manage to do this with a baby, why can't they do it. I am sure that they also would be the first to complain when a cart hit their car! Well anyway we were parked at Publix in the handicap spot for grandma and this woman takes the effort to put the front wheels of the cart on the curb right by my cart. I yell to her "excuse me ma'am, aren't you going to put your cart away?" She looks at me stunned and then tells me "You can, I can't leave my car". She managed to leave her car the whole time she was in the store and she did not have baby in the car. So like a good customer I took her cart. I am proud of myself even if I did take her cart. oh well!

One little monkey sitting in a tree.........
This little girl is such a monkey! You should see this kid eat a banana. She LOVES them! She stuffs the whole thing in her mouth and then she has to use her hands to keep it in her mouth.


Jessica, Myron and Rylie said...

You know that lady will never forget you. Everytime she puts her grocery's in the car she will think of how you confronted her then put it away....that is a NICE impression to leave!!!

We love the zoo too......the monkey's were Rylie's favorites

Just April... said...

What a fun visit to Atlanta! Thanks for sharing! :)

CortneyTree said...

I have a thing about grocery carts too! I fuss at people when they don't put them away, but I even fuss at them when they just shove them in the general direction of the cart return (they spill all out over the lot--if you push them in all the way, there is room for everyone!) Then I go to the cart corral and put them all in order nicely and shout about how *MY* karma is *good* karma.

That monkey-girl of yours is just precious! Glad you had such a great visit!

KatieKate said...

Yay for Atlanta! Glad you got to spend some good time with family. It's always better when you're not rushed.

And, woman... I hear ya on teh shopping carts. It's POURING here today and I still managed to put mine away. There were tons of them floating all over the place- that drives me nuts. Rylie, of course, thought the rain was hilarious.

Dan, Annie, Will and Mocha said...

I always leave mt cart out in the parking lot.......hahaha, just kidding. I could feel the tensions rising.
No, no, I agree, it's just not that hard.
I actually have a system where I park right next to or as close as I can to the cart station, seriously, it's the only way for me.
Glad you are speaking up about keeping our parking lots clear and safe.
Such a fun visit to Atl.
Looks like a lot of fun.
I miss Willie B. too, he was the best.

Becky Swann said...

Sunday, Gorillas takes millions and millions of years to turn into humans and then there are no actual between stages it just happens, that is where zookeepers come from duh! put that in your shopping cart and smoke it!
I totally being facetious.
That zoo looks like a good time, I'm thinking about having a baby panda on the next go around, seems like that stick of butter is the way to go.

Jimmy said...

Sunday; did you say hello to my niece. Elissa, her husband and daughter Isabella (interesting name right, a little over 1 yr.) live in Snellville on the NW side of Atlanta.


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! BR is so so cute with her bananas!! I love that trio of photos!

And the CART THING! Oh my, it DRIVES me crazy too.. I always think "Lazy Americans".. can't walk 20 feet to put their buggies in the racks.. I'm so proud of you for saying something.. I need to start doing that too! I'm also proud of you for taking it and putting it away! GO SUNDAY!

And.. the zoo! How fun! I think your dad's comment is good to ask to people who think we did come from them! Take that Darwin Evolutionist!

love the post.. it was a good one!

Julie said...

We go to the Atlanta zoo often and my favorite animals are the gorillas too. There was this Moma nursing a little baby right at the window last time. It was precious. I remember thinking about evolution a lot because of that. I think God just made some animals that do act a bit like humans and look like us too. Pretty simple conclusion, but it works for me. I like your Dad's comment.