Thursday, April 03, 2008

An afternoon with Will and other such things

First let me apologize for the amount of pictures I post here. I take at least 100 pictures at any one time, so trying to figure out which pictures to post is a very difficult task. That being said, we had the wonderful joy of having Will over for the afternoon yesterday. It was a beautiful day and BellaRose probably needed a visit from her good friend. Will was so much fun. He helped me dig in the dirt and joyfully threw the ball for Rainy (who was thrilled to have someone finally do that for her). Will loves any type of round object and Rainy's favorite thing in the world just happens to be a green round object so they were two peas in a pod for sure! Please come over again soon Will!

Sweety Baby has been wanting to get the dog's water bowl ever since she could crawl. We were hanging outside on a wonderfully warm day and I let her have it, and boy did she ever! She was a complete mess but had so much fun. Poor thing is working on her 5th tooth (as well as a very runny nose) and is a little uncomfortable so any pleasure I can bring her I do willingly!

All CLEAN and all cute!


KatieKate said...

aw... we LOVE playing in dogs' water bowls! It's the best! And it's only allowe don very special days- like teething days. Yes.

And man... that is one cute prospective prom dat eyou have there in Mister Will. Phweet Phew!

Anonymous said...

Adorable! I love all the pictures.. keep them coming!!

Becky Swann said...

what great pictures

Jimmy said...

Hey you guys with all the very cute kids thanks for the fix. If I was a little younger I'd have to talk Denise into another. Can't even get Heather into it. Guess I will have to wait for Rose.

So thanks again for your pictures and making my day....


Dan, Annie, Will and Mocha said...

Ohhhh, so sweet.
First of all, you are so talented. I must say that again.
And thank you for keeping Will, again.
And, also you have the sweetest most precious baby girl and I know Will thinks she's pretty special too.
You have the most fun house, gardening, playing in dog bowls and throwing balls to Rainy. He will be begging to go over to the Grant's soon enough.
Thanks again.