Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Lean on..

As much as my baby girl likes to walk, she likes to lean on things as well! If there is something that she can lean against she will, like a dog, a chair, a warm rock, ANYTHING. You know I tell her "if you have time to lean you have time to clean". She generally just looks at me and rolls her eyes and says "mmooooomm" in that snooty teenage way, oh wait that is not happening yet, but I just keep replaying that over and over in my head when she does in fact become a teenager. Oh help us all! But right now she is just all cuteness and love and TALKING! We went to the river several days ago with Ben and Noah and she talked the whole way home. Have no idea what she said, but it sure seemed important to her.
We are heading to the big ATL this weekend for Grandma's 94th birthday, WAHOO! Pictures and goodtimes to come.

Don't forget to check out our produce over there on the left. Worth sure is proud of his carrots.

BellaRosey getting her "lean on" with Rainy.

I have been burning up the new Avett Brothers cd The Second Gleam on my ipod. You should check them out. They have great harmonies and their songwriting is just amazing. These guys are quickly becoming one of my favorite bands. It took me awhile but I just keep coming back to them.


Adam and Annie said...

I LOVE that you are falling in love with the Avett Brothers...finally! Sometimes certain bands just take a while. They are great. They're playing at a folk festival in Rhode Island this weekend, I'm going to try and catch them. Tell the team I say hi and miss you all.

KatieKate said...

Look at her leaning! That is so funny, Sunday... her little personality just bustin' through!

Jimmy said...

What's his carrot secret, ours look like stunted pencils.

She is in CHARGE for sure...


Jessica, Myron and Rylie said...

Nice Carrots!!!!

Oh I love all teh pink and glad she is sitting in her chair. Rylie loves stuff her size! This age is so very fun.

I just love her!

sunday said...

i know you got us the chair Jssica and she LOVES it!!!!!! thank you so much.

no carrot secret. We call it our hail mary, we just put the seeds in to see what would happen.

LisserCoates said...

You have such a green thumb, the veggies look great.

She is just too cute. I will check out the Avett Brothers... I dont think I have heard them before.

Julie said...

I especially like the Avett Bros. live. They put on a very exciting show.....sometimes the will even "waller" around on the stage floor. (I had to put that word in there for ya:)

Have fun in Hotlanta this weekend. I hope the drive goes well. You can borrow our dvd player for BellaRose if you want. She would probably watch a couple of Annabelle's dvds of these little children singing. Anyways, it makes for an easier ride.

Are you leaving Friday, cause we want you and Worth to come to our "music night".

Dan, Annie, Will and Mocha said...

She looks like a teenager leaning in that chair.
the produce is beautiful. It's so bright and fresh looking.
Have such a geat time in atlanta, I can't believe your grandmother is 94, that is awesome, she so spirited, that italian gene is a good one.

Kristin said...

Sunday tell Worth I am very impressed by the carrots...I'm a bit jealous too! They look really yummy.
Also I see that you are reading "Baby Proof" and I have to tell you that I loved this book and all the others that Emily Giffin wrote. I just ordered "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle" and am excited to read it! Thanks for recommending it...even though you didn't realize you did.

JTP said...

I had a dream about your carrots last night.... I just remeber how bright orange they were- do they taste as yummy as they look? I like that you're teaching her "time to lean, time to clean" she does like the swiffer, she likes to lean, you just need to get those two things together- I lean, then clean :-)

Just April... said...

Another highly entertaining post with adorable pictures from the Grant household! I can always count on you for a great read, Sunday! Excited that I will get to see you and meet BellaRose this fall when I am in town for Courtney's wedding! :)