Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Findings with a Toddler

~Found my keys in the pouch on the water heater meant for papers regarding water heater
~Found BellaRose bouncing on her changing table after she climbed up on changing table
~Found a strand of my hair bound tightly around her toe
~Found her lip busted after she fell flat
 on her face running in the leaves
~Found side of her nose bleeding when I came home from the gym
~Found She had written all over the computer desk with pencil. Hello Magic eraser
~Found water all in my shoe after she spilled her water bottle
 ~Found that if I tell her "no" and stomp my feet like I am coming to get her she stops action that I said "No" about
~Found you never know what to expect when you go looking for BellaRose
~Found that most doors in our little 
house are closed because of never knowing what to expect
~Find that I never sit down during the day
~Trying to find my sanity, and loving it all (most of the time)


Becky Swann said...

Life is exciting with BellaRose! She sure is a joy! I'm glad she has a good mom like you to find hair wrapped around her toes and rescue her from her changing table!

JTP said...

what a great post! and a great picture! was all of this in one day :-) how did you ever find your keys on the water heater? I would've been lost! Note to self: look there next time I can't find my keys :-)

sunday said...

that is where I keep my brooms, near the water heater and I just happened to see them. I was very fortunate. this is the past couple of days!

KatieKate said...

It's all very very true, Darling :) Nice job.

LisserCoates said...

hummm...You deserve a break. If only you knew someone with red hair and a great attitude who just happened to love children....
Oh wait!
That's Me!
Move to Raleigh now Hussy.

The Colorado Carrs said...

yes Magic Eraser's are amazing.
As are toddlers!!!

Jessie Francis said...

love this - my findings of the day: lucy w/ green snot running into her mouth kissing finn on the mouth while in his swing - God bless him, oh and the smell of spit up i finally located to in the hair by my ear. motherhood is hilarious.

Byerly said...

I love this! Sounds like each day is quite an adventure. Kids sure keep life from being boring!

Walker James Kirkland said...

Oh Girl, I was laughing with each one! I'm right there with ya---loving it & insane at the same time! :)

Julie said...

A mother of five once told my sister that the only parenting advice she could really give was, "If you can't find your keys, go look in the toy box."

Note to self: I must remember to get some more spare keys made. I have been meaning to get to that for a while now.

Annie Singletary said...

wow, that is so my world. i think we are being played.

Courtney said...

She does keep you entertained!! You forgot one though.. found a safety pen in my braclet!! = )

She is such a doll!!