Thursday, October 29, 2009

On Saturday I took pictures of Hannah and Kelvin's wedding.  Those will be coming soon, but you can go to my photo blog and check out Hannah's bridal pictures.  Sorry about the little business plug but I have to do it where I can!
On Sunday we loaded up the family truckster (honda) and headed down to Greenville for some birthday celebrations.  Christian, our nephew, shares a birthday with me.  I say with me b/c I am older and have had it longer!  He turned to double digits and bought himself an iPod touch, a kid after my own heart.  Sadly we don't have pictures of them (Cameron too) because they had basketball practice during part of the celebration.  Worth did get a couple pictures of Taylor and Rocco being rad on the ramp they bought with their own money!  

Angela took these of the sweet BellaRose coloring and then of the beloved birthday song, with my beloved ice cream cake (thank you mom) as BellaRose keeps taking my beloved icing!  She might have learned it from me though.


Margaret said... know how much I love that picture of BellaRose coloring. She is gorgeous! those cheeks!!! Also love the pics of Taylor and Roc, they are really extreme, I was kinda nervous for them looking at those pictures:)

JTP said...

So fun, too bad I wasn't in Gveags to celebrate with you! So how's the baby naming coming?????

KatieKate said...

so sweet... they bought the ramp with their own money! I love it!

Becky Swann said...

why all the "beloveds", my beloved?
Taylor and Rocco are so cool!
BellaRose looks pretty cool too in that Steelers jersey, cutiepants!

Kristin said...

Happy Birthday! When is the baby name/names getting revealed? I think you should post that next with a belly shot of you and your beautifulness!

Annie Singletary said...

that is awesome that they bought that with their own money. what cute pictures of you and br, glad you had a good family celebration.

Angela said...

Both the kids have been SOOO excited to show their Uncle Worth everything they can do on the ramp & their skateboard! Watching that doesn't make me nervous....watching Rocco roller skate does!! And that picture of little Rosey coloring makes me want to jump in the picture and give her a big ole' kiss!! Love that baby!