Sunday, November 01, 2009

23 weeks

Well here we are back to measuring life in weeks and months.  I was so happy when BellaRose turned 2 and I did not have to figure out how many months she was.  Now I measure life in weeks and how round my belly is getting.  There are times I forget about the belly because so many other things have my attention particularly a certain cute 2 year old.  I feel like I am in that awkward pregnant girl stage where it is tough for me to see my rounding figure.  I know I need to push that vanity aside because what is happening inside this belly really is amazing and a little weird (come on you know it's true).  
The other night we were at dinner and there was a tiny new little baby there, BellaRose saw it and patted my belly.  That was a neat moment.  She knows about baby sister, and where she is living right now, but I never realized she connected the two.   She likes to feel baby sister move too.  We have still not named #2 yet.  We have a name in mind but we aren't ready to commit quite yet.  BellaRose likes it, and when she is says it is real sweet.  We will tell you once we know for sure.
The pictures below crack me up.  This is sweet girl in the morning.  She has taken to calling herself Rosey, which I LOVE.  I would not want her calling herself Bella, I don't like that by itself, but Rosey, so sweet!  She wanted me to take a belly picture of her this morning.  That is why her PJ's are unzipped.  She also put this outfit together and was standing there leaning on the table.  There are so many things to point out here, like the one ear out of the hat, and her shoes on the wrong feet.  This kid has a load of personality that is for sure.
In final Grant news, we had out 5th annual pumpkin carving contest at Matt and Margaret's house.  For the 1st time our pumpkin was crowned the winner!  We got to bring home the awesome turkey statue and a very generous visa gift card!  We are pretty excited.  Worth of course is taking all the credit (read the visa gift card) because he did all the work, but I am doing a lot of work too (see above picture)!  Those pictures will be coming next post.  Such a great party, one of my favorite of the year!


Becky Swann said...

Very cute belly shots! You are not in an awkward stage Your belly is very cute! That little Rosey sure is something special!

The Colorado Carrs said...

if its the name you told me , I love it!!!!

and Rosey.....that couldnt be any cuter. What a sweet girl she is!!

and if BellaRose wants a belly shot jsut wait until you are nursing. Rylie takes her baby or stuffed animals out to feed them sometimes. Its so stinkin sweet.

Courtney said...

I love the belly shot! And I thought you were a precious pregnent lady last time as I'm sure you will be this time... No worries there dear! Cute as ever!
And BR is as cute as a button in those glasses! Love the belly to baby connection also. Kids are so smart!
Congrats on winning the pumpkin contest too, that's awesome!

The Ledfords said...

I totally forgot to tell you the other day that I have a bigger belly, non-pregnant, than you! Seriously I would never think you were 23 weeks!

Kristin said...

You look beautiful! Love that shirt. And Rosey is the sweetest name for her to call herself. Love it. Congrats on the big win!

Niki said...

I love it, she wanted a belly shot!! She wants to be like mama so bad. What a sweetie. You are looking awesome, Sunday! You really are.
Can't believe it's been 23 weeks! You are over half-way there!

Niki said...

Oh yeah, Congratulations on the big win! I am sorry we had to leave before seeing the winning contestant. Can't wait for the pictures.

KatieKate said...

ROSEY! I love it!!!

Annie Singletary said...

what a sweet and beautiful picture and the thought that she an connect that her baby sister is in there is awesome.
br's morning time looks like the best. love those glasses.
can't wait to see this pumpkin, sad we missed it.

Margaret said...

cute tiny belly!! I love Rosey, so sweet. So excited you guys won the pumpkin carving. We are so happy that you get the beloved prize and that gift card...yay!

Aunt Karen said...

Hey, I think it is pretty cool that at 2, she can put her shoes on ( she can also, by the way, also put away the laundry).
Also good to see she doesn't forget her shades-hmm wonder where she gets that!