Thursday, January 21, 2010


So I know I have bragged about my friend JT(P) to you before, but I really have to do some bragging b/c this girl is A-MAZING!!! She has sewn and monogrammed so many things for me in the past. I am sure that you remember some of BellaRose's clothes that she has done for me in the past. They are all gorgeous, can be washed a million times and come out looking as good as new. She even monogrammed some stockings for BellaRose's teachers. She is just too good. I have told her forever she needs to start selling her things and now she is! Here is her blog and you can make custom orders straight from her.
This is a Valentine's day shirt that she did for BellaRose, precious right!

Here is the array of items she did for Hollings!!! I can hardly wait to see them in real life. Look at those initials. they are gorgeous!!!
This is a changing pad cover to take in my purse so I don't have to lay that sweet bottom of Hollings' and on yucky changing tables at Target or as I recently saw written Tar-gucci (love it).
Burp clothes! Can't have too many of these babies. We flew through these with BellaRose.
Check out her blog and make an order!!!


Byerly said...

Oh yes!! We love her work at our house. We have ordered many baby gifts from her, and they are always a hit!

JTP said...

well you are too sweet Sunday- thanks :-)

Kristin said...

She is sooo talented and creative. I love our gifts from you that she made. Hollings is a lucky girl!

Margo said...

Gorgeous!!! The things for Hollings are so so sweet. I may have to do a feature on my style blog. Thanks so much for sharing!!

Courtney said...

she is very talented..

Annie Singletary said...

Wow, she is really talented.
hollings is set now.
love that sweet valentine shirt for bellarose.

Becky Swann said...

I've always liked seeing the stuff she does for you! Always so sweet! I am excited to go see her stuff on sale!