Thursday, April 08, 2010

Easter Goodness

We had a really nice Easter. It was good to have something to celebrate after so much heart ache from the previous week. My friend Jennifer gave me a card and she wrote that she imagines Heaven to be a big party at Easter and Grandma was just in time. Grandma sure did love a party.

I tried to steer clear of a lot of candy in BellaRose's easter basket and stick with things that she might love or might mean something to her. She made my car's cd player a piggy bank so I thought a real piggy bank would do her good. She is obsessed with chapstick so some lip smakers were perfect until it was gooping off her face and now they are put away. Girl loves puzzles and crayons so a puzzle that you color, what could be better! The shirt I just thought was cute. I love this picture of BellaRose because this is what she picked out to wear. No Easter Bonnet for her.

Sweet 7 week old Hollings who has a major ear infection in this picture and we had no idea. Poor little thing! She had a completely inconsolable night on Sunday and I took her to the doctor that morning. There was a scare it could be meningitis on top of the ear infection but thankfully it was only an ear infection! I never thought I would be happy for that, but I sure was.
Oh goodness, these Will and BellaRose pictures can melt your heart. Annie got BelleRose this dress when she was just born and it is now fitting her. It is so cute. She was so excited to put it on when I told her it was from Annie.

The egg hunt

I could eat her up, I love her so
Thank you all for your kind words to me and my family about Grandma. We all read every comment you wrote and you helped ease the pain. Thank you for the flowers, and the help, and just the plain old love you have sent my way. I am forever grateful to you.
This is the one photograph I wanted from Grandma's room. To me Angela looks so much like her. I love her mischievous smile and her relaxed look. Who knew she would live to be 95 and raise a whole herd of people. I look at that picture and wonder where she was and what she was thinking. I hope she was at some dance being courted by beautiful men, but she only had eyes for my Poppy. It is neat to see pictures of older people when they were younger. They have a whole long life ahead of them. It makes me wonder what my life ahead of me will be like and what my grandchildren will think when they look at a picture of me from younger years. I hope I get to 95 too.


Becky Swann said...

OH MY GOSH those pictures of BellaRose and Will!!!! would it be weird if I had one framed in my house, I sorta feel like they are my kids too! They look so grown up and SOOOO cute, I really just cannot get over it!
Also, I want to grow to be 95 with you!

KatieKate said...

I was going to say the same thing, B... frame one for me too!

Courtney said...

I ditto Becky.. OH MY GOSH!! those pictures of BellaRose and Will are to DIE FOR! So cute... I would frame one too.. just adorable as can be! I could eat them both.. and they kinda look like they are in love!! Just precious!

Kristin said...

I love this post so much but especially the 1st paragraph about Easter being a party in Heaven and how your Grandma made it just in time. I'm glad that Easter provided some comfort to you. The pics of BellaRose and Will did melt my heart. They are utterly priceless! And I love how you are sharing your heart because you know how much we all love your heart and hearing about whats in it.

Sunday Grant Photography said...

I know where you live Will Singletary. You can call me MR. Grant and yes that's capital MR.

Sunday Grant Photography said...

I am sure you all realize that was Worth and not me. He can just call me Sunday

Jessica said...

WOW!!! I am so glad Hollings is doing better. I am so sorry she was sick. We have thankfully missed ear infections so far.....yikes poor baby!!!

and ohhhh Will and BellaRose are just a match made in heavan....I just kept thinking " I will see you in my dreams"........True Love!!!

Margo said...

Oh my goodness, those pictures of Will and BR are priceless!! What a couple they are! Will is such a little handsome man in his seersucker. You know I love seersucker :). So glad sweet Hollings is feeling better, that is so scary! Your grandma was so beautiful Sunday, just like you and your sisters. I agree with Becky, I want to grow to be 95 with you too. Oh and can I please look like your grandma at 95?

Annie Singletary said...

what a great easter we had with you guys. thank you for having us into your family.
those pictures of will and br i must agree are amazing. i mean you made them look like models with your skills, but seriously they are sooo precious.

Angela said...

Sunday, what beautiful pictures & words. This has been an incredibly hard time for our family and I want to thank you all for being there for Sunday, your stength & support have been so important to us all. You are all so blessed to have each other....and I think it's great b/c you all know it!

and the pics of Will & Rosey are crazy cute~they look like they are chillin on their honeymoon!
xoxo angela

Niki said...

Yep, this just seals the deal, Will and BellaRose will be together forever. Mr. Grant even knows it's true. They are so funny together, too--besides just being adorable. There is almost always alot of screaming and laughing and crazy fun whenever I have been around the two of them.
I also adore all these pictures of sweet Hollings. I can't believe her little ear infection! It is SO hard when they are sick and so helpless. I am glad she is on the mend and it was NOT meningitis. So scary.

Byerly said...

Let me just echo what everyone else has already said. I really think the best way to heal is to be a bit vulnerable. Thank you for being vulneralbe! -- Your girls are gorgeous. --- I'm so glad you had that ear infection diagnosed. They are miserable (for the whole family). And, thank goodnes that it was nothing else. --- Oh man - Will and BR are just too cute for words!!