Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Great expectations

In talking through my frustrations last night at dinner with Worth and Bill about the little girls, in particular BellaRose, I realized that I have very high expectations of BellaRose. How unfair of me to expect BellaRose to sit perfectly still at dinner, and to have manners all the time, and for her not to want to bounce off of the walls. For goodness sakes, she will be 3 in one month, how can I expect so much from her. I can teach and train her, but how can I expect her to get it right away. She really is reacting just like we all want to, she just has the freedom to do so because of her age. I don't want to dampen her spirit. Her spirit is fresh and alive. As her mother I need to nurture that and focus her energy. My sister, Kelly, told me to be aware of expecting too much out of her once Hollings comes. All of the sudden BellaRose will seem so much older, and she did. She speaks so well and so clearly that I think she is older then she is, but she is only 3. My sweet little girl is 3!
We are training BellaRose, teaching her over time. I can't expect her to "get it" right away. I need to allow her to be 3.

I have to explain to you these pictures. She got her school pictures taken recently. I was not going to order them because I revolt against the cheesy staged Olan Mills type pictures. It is against my very nature as a photographer to like these pictures. Well once I saw BellaRose's very first school pictures I had to get them. One, because they were her first and what a bad mom if I did not get them, and two, they were just hysterical. I will scan them in soon to show you. One of them had her hands up to her face like she is imitating here. It just makes me laugh thinking about what they told her to get her to do the picture.

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JTP said...

oh sweet BR.... you are right... it's so hard to expect them to be perfect...they are still kids- well, babies really. Thank you for the reminder!!!!

Kristin said...

I can only imagine what she was thinking when the school photographer was getting her to pose. She was probably like "whats that?!" I'm with you on the cheesy posed pics and you would die if you saw a church family pic we recently had taken of the 3 of us. We ordered it to be supportive but no one will ever see the photo. SO cheesy!! It's worse when you yourself are in it. :)
Your thoughts on what happens to your mind set towards your oldest when you have a 2nd are very good for me to hear. Keep it coming, please.

Jessica said...

I wish Kelly would have told me that before Wyatt was born. It is so true and we still deal with Rylie in that manner. We have to catch outselves and remember just that, she is 3!!!

I cant wait to see BR's pictures!!! cant wait!!

Jeremiah said...

Oh that is good advice! I need to remember Ellen is only 2 and learning as well!
I can't wait to see BellaRose's school picture I am glad she got some cool moves out of the experience

Becky Swann said...

Ok so that was not Jeremiah now I will go back and read it as if it was and laugh

Annie Singletary said...

what great insight. a great reminder. I love gleaning from your wisdom as you go before me into the world of two. Bella Rose is so blessed to have a mom like you that is so reflective and caring for her individual needs.
that photo thing is hilarious. i wonder what you told her to get her to put her hands up, maybe she just likes too do it, she looks so precious. that school picture is really priceless i'm so glad you gave in.

Julie said...

I agree, such good insight. You are a great moma!

I love the posed pictures! How funny and cute.

Heidi King said...

That is soooo true and easy to fall in to. Thanks for the reminder to love them through grace...Addison has often told me that she is only 5 and didn't know better. So true...I need grace now at 30!

Heidi King said...

And Becky, I did read that as Jeremiah and was like...what the h$%&! He's never that nice to me!