Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Good Tidings

We certainly barreled through yet another year! 2010 what happened to you? Why did you go so fast? 2010 was an exciting year for us to say the least, giving BellaRose a little sister in Hollings was definitely the highlight of our year. Also welcoming almost a foot of snow for Hollings' first Christmas made this one of the more memorable Christmases on record. I have posted a lot of our Christmas pictures to facebook. BellaRose really enjoyed this Christmas knowing it was baby Jesus' birthday and that a jolly ole Santa might be visiting. She got her beloved grocery cart she had been asking for and Hollings got a cozy coupe she didn't even know she wanted. We had a great Christmas but this post will be more for reflection of the past year and hopes for the future. I looked back on my blog last year to see what I wanted my goals to be personally and professionally. Unbeknownst to me I actually accomplished all my goals I set. My photography business has done great, I bought an iMac with income from my business, doubled what I made and I personally view myself as an artist with my camera and that truly is all that matters. My personal goals were all fulfilled too! Now what goals to set for 2011? I might have to have more time of reflection to think about that. Obviously I want my business to continue to thrive and prosper. I will be revamping, focusing on branding and basically taking it up a notch. Watch out for some exciting things to happen!
One goal for 2011 is to all be healthy. We have had bouts of ear infections, fever, pink eye, runny noses, coughs, but then again who hasn't? I am thankful that my girls are still so sweet and loving even when they are under the weather. I never realized how when you have two kids it seems they just pass germs back and forth like they are playing catch. I will be the monkey in the middle and stop and those germs!
Enjoy these last few days of 2010. I look forward to what 2011 holds for us.
Good Tidings we bring to you and yours!


Byerly said...

Good Tidings right back at ya!! Look at you setting goals and achieving them. Way to go. -- You are a role model to us all!

Jessica said...

Oh sweet girls! Hope Hollings is feeling better! Proud of your goals! Good job mama!!

Margo said...

you ROCK!! and I am totally with you on the being healthy hard this winter! Happy almost NEW YEAR!

Courtney said...

Many congrats on your 2010 goals.. that is wonderful and you are so right in that you started a business and do it so well! :)
Pretty exciting to look back and think about all those dreams and ideas and knowing they came true!
Good luck in being germ free.. I think that is something everyone struggles with unfortunitly.