Monday, December 20, 2010

Like a bowl full of jelly

Hollings had requested that no pictures be taken of her last week. After running a fever all week and 2 doctors visits she has a ear infection and a crackle in her lungs. She is now finally on antibiotics and hopefully on the up swing. So now you can understand her request for no pictures. I can tell you in the midst of her feeling like poo she is still the sweetest little thing!
BellaRose has been requesting that we go see Santa for quite some time. Since we are members at Biltmore I thought we would go there, and I was pretty sure they would have a good Santa and not some fake bearded Asheville mall Santa. I was not disappointed, neither was Rosie. She got to take her "cart" request straight to the big man. A cart would also be known as a grocery cart to most people.

It being Christmas time we must make sugar cookies with icing, my favorite cookie!

Bert (or Chester, not sure which is which). We love checking on them when we go to Biltmore.


Margo said...

Poor little Hollings. So glad she has meds to help her out. She really is the sweetest thing, even with a cold and an ear infection. I love that Santa!! Rosey is so gorgeous and so are these pictures. Merry Christmas!!

KatieKate said...

What a fantastic Santa!!!

ANd that photo of BR sitting at the island sifting... so precious!

Feel better, Little Hollings. Santa is coming!

Rachel said...

I love the smile on her face while she's talking to Santa! So precious!

Becky Swann said...

I love that Hollings requested no pictures, I get that!
Cute Cute BR pictures!

Niki said...

Oh my goodness, BellaRose is just gorgeous. She really is. And I love the Santa, he does seem pretty authentic. You rich people get the best Santas. I feel so bad for that Hollings. Her little ears and her lungs! Yuck. Hope she feels better soon.