Friday, May 06, 2011

Little Birds

This is our dove, well actually this is the male dove and 2 little babies. The momma dove comes for the night shift (no comment). These doves chose our hanging flower bucket on our front porch for their home. This bucket is literally a foot from our front door at eye level. We have really loved having them as house guest. They don't scare away when we come out, and they sure have gotten a healthy dose of what life with kids looks like. Although their kids are much calmer then ours. Isn't this precious!

Now on to our little birds!
We met my mom at Highland Lake Inn in Flat Rock for Easter. We love going there, it is so calm and peaceful.
These pictures don't appear as crisp and clear because I made them smaller so they would not take forever to load. So much for patience today. Just image them as they really should be and are!
PS: if you click on the image and make it larger they look like they should. They just don't like being scrunched into small pictures, they are meant to shine big!

Love this picture of Rosey with her eyes closed, not sure why. Just seems like what you should be doing while you are swinging on a beautiful Easter Spring Day!

Hollings before she fell on a brick walk way.

Do you all remember Rosey in the same dress as Hollings at Easter time a few years ago?

Daddy and his sweet girls.

Hollings after she fell. She is one tough little girl.

OG and Rosey!


Byerly said...

1st - your market booth looked awesome. I bet you and Annie had so much fun.

2nd - your girls are GORGEOUS!!

Kristin said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE all of these! Beautiful.

Heidi King said...

Of course you have doves in your buckets...beautiful sweet pictures!

Becky Swann said...

You and all your little birds are so cute!

KatieKate said...

I second Heidi: OF COURSE you have doves in your buckets :)

Girls in Easter dresses make me love life. They looked gorgeous... even after the falling incident. H and Gus will be good bruiser buddies.

Margaret said...

I cannot believe those sweet baby birds came the day after I was there! They are precious and so are your girls!! I LOVE the one of Rosey looking back on the swing and the one of Hollings standing on the fence. She is such a little climber. I really ♥ all of them!