Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Take a moment

Marriage is difficult. Add children to the mix, a heavy workload and it becomes even more of a challenge then before. I will be the first to admit that we have had our trials, but I have to take a minute to brag on my husband. I had a wedding to photograph in Atlanta on Friday (the 13th da.da.daaa). I went to Greenville on Thursday to help celebrate my sister, Kelly's, birthday. Angela was going to watch the girls while I was in Atlanta and I would come back there on Saturday. I was running late to Greenville and did not have time to acclimate Hollings to Angela's house and she was pretty needy when I left her with my mom. Long story short, my mom got her to bed and we had a great time celebrating. We got home about 11:30 and went to bed. BellaRose was on the floor of the room I was in and did great at first. By the time I finally fell asleep Hollings woke up. Normally I would let her cry not daring to go into her room, well this was not a normal situation being at someone's house and I did not want her to cry and wake everyone. I made the fatal mistake of getting her. That was the end of my night and sleeping. By 3:30 when both girls are up and I am bawling in the dark of my sister's guest room I decided to pack it in and head home to Worth. I had no idea what else to do. The girls weren't sleeping, I had not slept a wink, and I had a wedding to shoot in a few short hours in Atlanta. This is the point when I brag on Worth. You see he had a guys boating trip planned to West Virginia. I knew that making the decision to come home would ruin the trip he had planned for 6 months, but like I said I had no idea what to do. I pulled into my house, praying Worth would not shoot me thinking I was an intruder. When I saw him I cried like the time when BellaRose was 6 weeks old and someone made a comment about me being pregnant and I bawled my eyes out on the closet floor. It was not pretty crying, it was shoulder shaking, heaving, snotty crying. Did I mention it was 5 something in the morning without an ounce of sleep, oh I did, my apologies. Worth quickly put me in bed closed the door put BellaRose to bed and let me sleep a couple of hours. Of course my photographer brain kicked in way to early and I thought about the batteries that needed charging and the lenses that needed cleaning. Worth never got upset that he could no longer go on his trip. He knew the commitment I had made and what my day held and never made me feel guilty. I am not sure I would have handled it as gracefully as he did. Actually I know I would not have. I begin the post talking about how difficult marriage is because Worth and I had a pretty difficult week leading up to this moment. I was pretty down about a load of things but this situation was eye opening. It kicked my bottom out of the haze I was in and I remembered what an awesome man Worth is and what an outstanding dad. He took care of me, he lifted me up, he put me back together, and sent me on my way back down to Atlanta with some advise of picking up some redbull. I know we will continue to have trying times but I hope this is always a reminder to me of what my husband stands for. That this family is his priority. I know you all know Worth and how much he loves to kayak and you all know the sacrifice he made for me!

Ps: That is not Worth in the picture, but indeed a young Robert Redford. Tricked you, no?


KatieKate said...

Aw, HONEY! What a night!!!

And, what a man. Thank God for perspective and the grace of a soft place to land after a hard week realtionally. Love you!

Jessica said...

man, I agree, what a night!!
and what a husband!!

Heidi King said...

Thanks for sharing this...hard day for sure, but...WOW, sounds like Worth was just what God knew you needed right then. It's a great reminder for me's not all about me and sometimes, selfish desires aside, it's just time to be there for the ones we love. What a great love that is! You and Robert Redford are just awesome together!! Love it

Becky Swann said...

Oh goodness! Wish I had been there to say, "let's go" but glad you knew to go home to Robert :) glad it turned out ok hopefully you have gotten much more sleep at the beach!

Margaret said...

sweet Worth! When I talked to you the day after you were still worried about him and missing his trip. You are both very lucky to have each other. Sometimes we really need those reminders. I know I do! We love you both sooo much!