Monday, June 13, 2011


So apparently I have not taken pictures of my kids since we went on our beach trip. Some photographer I am! This time of year is just so busy with weddings, and the adventures of summer. We went to the river on Saturday and I was trying so hard to remember my camera but in the process of packing towels, snacks, sunscreen, bathing suits, water, buckets, etc etc, I forgot my camera. It would have been really nice too since we borrowed a sit on top kayak from a friend and Worth took Rosey out. She loved it! She always wants to kayak like Worth does and here was her chance. Thanks goodness for the trusty iPhone!
Sunday we went to the park to help celebrate our dear friend, Ben's birthday. It was such a fun relaxing time. I adore our friends here. We are surrounded by amazing people. What a blessing this life is! Ben and Jennifer have a new baby Drew who is precious and a head full of red hair just like Ben's sister.

Blowing bubbles.

Worth loves this crooked smile of Hollings'

My boy Davis, Ben and Jennifer's older son.

Jennifer made this sweet little desserts. They were the perfect serving amount and just perfect for a picnic. The blueberry cheesecake was heavenly!


Annie Singletary said...

those desserts are adorable! can't believe how big drew has gotten, precious little ones! your pictures are great even with an iphone, crazy good!

Becky Swann said...

Oh drew is so cute what a fun day!

Margaret said...

I cannot believe we had to miss this!!! Booooo! I love your pictures!!