Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Part 1

I finally started taking photos of my family again! Well more then I usually do as of late. I decided that I am going to have to post in segments since I did take so many. BellaRose and Hollings have taken to playing in Little's crib, A LOT. I don't really mind it until everything that was outside of the crib goes in it, then I mind. I am trying to let go of my neat freak ways but it is difficult. Hollings got a wooden mailbox for Christmas with cute little wooden postcards and that quickly became one of BellaRose's favorite toys. Rosey is a bit of a pack rat and likes to stuff things in things. It drives me mad. I kept asking her to only put the postcards in it. Worth thought that was a battle I should not choose. I mean what is the use of a fun wooden mailbox with three slots if you can't see what fits in it. I get it! I release it. Anyway that got a little off the subject. The subject is these girls in all their CRAZY cuteness. Enjoy!


LisserCoates said...

They are crazy cute.

Miss ya! XOXOX

Byerly said...

Ahhhh - so cute!