Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas 2011 Part 2

So what would Christmas be like if we did not make sugar cookies with icing. My Mimi, my mom's mom, used to make a table full of cookies every year for each family. How I loved getting that tin of cookies in the mail. Some were crushed, not having fared well with the long journey from Pittsburgh, but they still tasted amazing. My favorites were the sugar cookies. I finally found a recipe that reminded me of Mimi's and my mom and sisters agree. BellaRose has also really enjoyed this tradition of helping me bake them as well as serve them to Santa. 
Santa loves them too!

Of course you need to see some photos of the dogs. Rainy is 12 and looking so old but still the same old Rain dog. Atticus is eternal.


TracyW said...

My sugar cookies NEVER look like that. Ours were giant blobs that sort of had the shape of stars and trees.

Kim said...

Rainey is 12 ?! Wow, where did the time go ??

Byerly said...

Yum! Chesson helped me make some cookies this year, they did NOT end up looking like yours. BR has some cookie skills:o) Love you and your dogs!!