Friday, March 16, 2012

Daddy loves his girls

Seeing Worth paint little girls' finger nails is probably a sight many of you did not expect to see!I love these series of photos.  True lifestyle photography.  I would love for my portrait sessions to head in this direction, truly showing family life, because aren't those images the most dear?
Again I know many of you saw these on facebook but there are a few of you out there that still come to this blog to check in on my little family, so thank you!


Vanessa Washburn said...

What a perfect daddy daughter moment. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

Sunday Grant Photography said...

Thank you Vanessa!

Kristin said...

This could not be more precious! I new Worth had it in him, and I love that you captured it. And the skate park pics are fabulous too. That Rosey is the cutest skater chic ever!